Ghana Health Service honours Dr Awoonor-Williams

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2021-02-22 09:50:42
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Ghana Health Service honours Dr Awoonor-Williams

It is unfortunate Dr. Awoonor-Williams never became the Director General of GHS. This unique Health Manager and Administrator was more than qualified with very high competencies, technical skills, experience and academic credentials to become Director General but unfortunately and callously thwarted by evil minds because of his working association with the Upper East Region, in which he performed exceptionally well with remarkable achievements as the Regional Director of Health Services. Dr. Awoonor-Williams problems in Bolga as somebody who was very much like by working staff and people in general is only indicative of the retrogressive and destructive tendencies in the Upper East Region targeting very good, committed and hard working public officers as a result of negative behavioural tendencies like tribalism, nepotism, cronyism, dirty politics, petty jealousy, sheer diabolism and mischief. Some people in the region including some greedy and selfish old doctors, who have never been anyway useful to their own people as natives except milking, exploiting and enslaving them to steal public resources and logistics to dubiously enrich themselves at the expense of the poor taxpayer were behind Dr.Awoonor-Williams woes. If an exceptionally good man, unique innovator and developer who brought remarkable unprecedented transformation could be desicrated and destroyed in that manner by BONABOTO,then the Region and the Municipal have a big problem. In deed evil permeates in the Region championed by all manner of occultic and evil inclined secret societies who are destroying the Region for their personal selfish benefits. Many of the youth including progressive thinking ones are oblivious of the fact that some individuals and such secret occult groups they are affiliated to are just a bunch of diabolic, heartless and callous people who have no iota of sympathy and empathy for their own people perishing in poverty and deprivation except their personal satisfaction and gratification. It is important the youth and other progressive thinking people especially natives arm themselves with these facts to join the crusade to rescue the municipal from mischievous and evil inclined elements as opinion leaders or authority misapplying power and ill-gotten wealth to destroy good, patriotic, committed and hard working public officers posted to the Region to offer essential public services just because they are non-natives and do not hail from the Region.

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