Health News Sat, 9 Jul 2016

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Autism is a disorder not a curse - Dr. Genevieve Kumapley

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Comment: please let's change

ossi kossi
2016-07-10 14:58:59
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Re: Autism is a disorder not a curse - Dr. Genevi

such terms like 'nsuo ba' need to be consigned to the category 'outmoded'. Nsuo (river/water) ba (child) refers to ancestral times when the origin of babies was not yet scientifically popularly known. This knowledge gap was filled by various beliefs and speculations by different cultures and societies. Possibly, in our culture children with features that deviate too from the average were originating from or needing to return to rivers' spirits.

Today, however, health sciences have unearthed that reasons for these disabilities are purely genetical or physiological, and not spiritual.

Therefore these terms based on outmoded philosophies should not be used to describe autism (and other related disorders) anymore. These terms like 'nsuo ba' mislead parents and society to seek for help in inappropriate domains; children with disabilities are given to fetish priests to be 'sent off' (murdered) - these are the horrific consequences of misnominating disabilities. Google the words 'bbc3 ghana world worst place to be disabled' and watch the documentary and you will be ashamed of your country. The way we treat the disabled has to be focussed on material causes and possible ways we can help and integrate them in the society

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ossi kossi on Jul 10, 2016 14:58
please let's change