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Autism is a disorder not a curse - Dr. Genevieve Kumapley

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Apostle Mawuetornam Dugbazah
2016-07-10 19:42:06
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Autism is a disorder not a curse - Dr. Genevieve

Dear Dr. Kumapley:

Please consider that your area of expertise is Western-style "medicine" (a very limited scope of reason). Likewise, my area of expertise is spiritual truth regarding human reason and functioning in harmony with principles of righteousness.

It is unfortunate that you DO NOT understand the meaning of the concept that we in the Kingdom of God refer to as a "curse". In that case, let me explain what a curse is. Here goes.

A curse is an influence that permeates the human spirit (seat of knowledge), soul (seat of emotions and perception) and body (human earth suit) and that contributes to the deficiency of truth leading to a death state. Sickness is part of the death state that God originally warned His creation about (i.e. Adam and Hawa/Eve were advised about spiritual death as a result of disobedience to God's command about diet and lust).

Now, when you say that autism is a "disorder", you fail to see that a disorder is no more than a dysfunctional state of mind that starts in the inner parts of a human being (i.e. spirit and soul).

Why is it that you Western-trained medical practitioners are always trying to pull wool over people's eyes without even investigating the spiritual truths that Yeshua (Jesus) warned about in the gospels? How come so many of you medical doctors are unable to properly diagnose, let alone even treat disease with real efficacy? I am ashamed that you would call autism a "disorder" and NOT a "curse".

Do you even understand the term curse? It means spiritual dysfunction. It is when a spirit influences the soul and body to fail in life and righteousness.

It is time to stop LYING to people about your medical savvy. You are NOT God. God has given more wisdom and truth about medical disorders in His Word than what you claim to be putting out for people to consume. God bless you.

Apostle Mawuetornam Dugbazah
A man with wisdom is better than one with degrees

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Apostle Mawuetornam Dugbazah on Jul 10, 2016 19:42