Wa Regional Hospital: Children treated on bare floor due to lack of beds

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Comment: black people why.

Jack Daniels
2019-03-14 09:43:11
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Really me,oya sorry for my French. Some Ghanaians with limited thinking would attack the president in power as if the problem started just yesterday, when are we going to change our mentality of believing so much in the useless British slave masters education,Ghanaians only see some one speaking slave masters English language as intelligent person.that's why we're suffering,we have bamboo canes all over Ghana why can't we change our educational system and let every SHS students should learn artisan work for two years before they enter universities to enable them to have ideas to do something with their hands but not only theory. We can use bamboos to make beds, chairs to help such hospitals. Pakistan and India must of their beds are made from bamboo,either single bed or double beds.if a young Ghanaian lady is producing bicycles from bamboo then why can't we use the method to produce beds for own use.black people wake up .we lack ambulances but Apostle Safo kantanka has created V8 vehicles which can be easily transform into ambulances to help our hospitals,lack of knowledge my people?

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Jack Daniels on Mar 14, 2019 09:43
black people why.