Wa Regional Hospital: Children treated on bare floor due to lack of beds

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Comment: mumu Ghana wake up

Jack Daniels
2019-03-14 09:59:01
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Re: Wa Regional Hospital: Children treated on bare

Kkd the problem is not cathedral, our educational system is rubbish period. Tearch the youth how to do things with their hands like artisans,the Chinese would come to Africa /Ghana without speaking any word in English but because of their artisans skills they would end up making money out of the Ghanaian who mimic English like his/her slave master. Ghana would import medical doctors from Cuba, but Cuba train their medical students from normal poly clinics whiles Ghana authorities would prefer our medical students to learn from teaching hospitals and because of that they reduce the number of students whereas we need more medical doctors, and Ghana have more poly clinics all over Ghana why can't we them to train our medical students.

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Jack Daniels on Mar 14, 2019 09:59
mumu Ghana wake up