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[1496]Oct 26,2000

Newly established Direct Marketing Company requires regional distributors for the distribution sale of an exciting range of affordably priced nutritional/health products. These products are for the mass market and are doing extremely well in South Africa. E-mail for more details.

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[1495]Oct 26,2000

A National Sales Executive with a good general knowledge of direct marketing required to coordinate and manage ten Regional Distributors in Ghana. Send an
e-mail for detailed requirements andresponsibilities.

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Stone Tiles for the building industry

[1458]Oct 20,2000

we are an architectural accessories firm . we cut stones for floors walls and roofs
we are looking for agents to help us market our stuff all over the world. limestone,jasper, serpentine, quartzite and sandstone .
contact Gina (Accra- +233217012376)

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Pharmaceuticals for sale, wholesale or retail

[1167]Aug 31,2000

Italian manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceuticals seek distributors or brokers in Ghana per the sale of their products in Ghana and, possibly, other Countries. If interested pls contact us and we shall be pleased to pass you a complete list of available items, unless you have specific requirements.
Fax 0039 050 504393

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Estate Agent Wanted

[1021]Aug 8,2000

Estate Agent wanted for sale of large factory in Cape Coast which produces oil from copra and palm kernel. For more information please send e-mail. Thank you.

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[880]Jul 14,2000

We are in the business of preparing high quality sterile INTRAVENOUS PHARMACEUTICALS including ANTIBIOTICC, PARENTERAL NUTRITION, CHEMOTHERAPY and HYDRATION FLUIDS on a large scale to HOSPITALS, CLINICS and HOME in the USA. We are currently extending these unique services
to the people of Ghana. If responses are encouraging, we plan to provide services from locations in ACCRA, KUMASI and TAKORADI initially, then nationwide at an alarmingly cheaper cost. Interested clients may contact us at:
or by mail at 2413 Golders Green Ct., Baltimore, MD 21244
Phone: 410-944-0539.

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[779]Jul 1,2000

We are a South African company seeking to enter into sole agency agreement with individuals or companies to market our full range of food processing and packaging equipment in Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Interested?. E-mail:

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[736]Jun 25,2000

Website in need of freelance writers to cover a variety of issues related to Africans in the Diaspora. Topics include, but are not limited to, health, politics, history, travel, current events, entertainment, and criminal justice. The pay is low to start, but it's great exposure. Interested parties please email

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Agents wanted in Ghana to sell our bricks and roof tiles

[662]Jun 15,2000

ADIDOME CERAMICS CO LTD, a major new British-Canadian investment in Adidome in the Volta Region is now producing large quantities of high quality bricks, roof tile, clay pavers, sunscreen blocks. We currently sell from our factory site, near the Adidome hospital, from our main Accra Depot on the Kwashiman highway near the Hong Kong cinema and from this month also from a new sales agency in Adenta.

We now require more agents/distributors to sell our products in all major towns of Ghana (also Togo, Cot D'Ivoire and Benin). You MUST be familiar with the construction industry and have good contacts with real estate developers, architects, contractors etc.
Apply to
Graham J. Smith, Managing Director
Adidome Ceramics Co Ltd
PO Box 21 Adidome,
Volta Region, Ghana


PO Box OS-3090

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Abosso Goldfields

[330]Apr 22,2000

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[329]Apr 22,2000


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Engineering Jobs

[328]Apr 22,2000

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Opportunities in Ghana for recent graduates

[326]Apr 22,2000

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NDPC jobs

[325]Apr 22,2000

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Opportunities in Ghana for recent graduates

[324]Apr 22,2000

Centillion/EBI Group is pleased to announce job opportunities are available for recent young graduates of universities and colleges to work for up to six months in industry and finance in Ghana, West Africa.

Centillion/EBI, with the support and financial assistance of the federal government through its Youth International Internships Program, will place interested young people in six month employment in a wide range of companies, both Canadian and Ghanaian. The purpose of the placements is to provide young people with international work experience in the fields in which they studied. Every effort will be made to place each successful candidate into a practical working experience that is directly related to the degree,diploma or college certificate he/she obtained in his/her studies.

Upon the intern's return from Ghana, Centillion/EBI will provide support to assist the intern in finding work in Canada in his/her chosen field.

The Youth International Internships Program provides each successful candidate a return ticket to and from Ghana. It also provides the Intern with a monthly wage that will cover accommodation, living expenses and spending money.

The Centillion/EBI representative in Ghana will assist the Intern in finding appropriate accommodation and be there throughout the intern's period in Ghana to assist the intern in successfully adapting to the local environment.

Centillion/EBI is interested in finding young people who are presently unemployed or underemployed who live in or are from Western Canada. This is a once in a life opportunity to have an unforgettable adventure. It combines the exotic challenge of Africa with the real need of gaining work experience in your chosen field.

To find out more about the opportunities available, please send your resume to the following:

For interested young people in/from BC or Alberta, contact:

Art Hamilton
Centillion/EBI Group
1035 Moss St.
Victoria, B.C.
V8V 4P2
Tel: 250 381 1833
Fax: 250 381 1834

Art Hamilton, 1035 Moss St.,
Victoria, BC, Canada V8V 4P2
tel: 250-381-1833 fax: 250-381-1834

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