TELECOMMUNICATION Sales - commissions and bonuses

[1872]Dec 24,2000

We are seeking highly motivated individuals to market our top notch communications and computer products and services Full/Part-time. Sales representatives have the income potential of five figures or better. If you are ready to make a change in your life and income, then join the internet revolution.

Telecommunication Business Is Big Business. Representatives can specialize or market the entire product line. There is an immense opportunity to help people with their communications and computer needs, and you could help them!

Cognigen Networks, Inc. Specializes in retail sales of discounted communications and computer products.
Long Distance: Quality service at discounted rates from providers such as Qwest, MCI/WorldCom, and Frontier. Business and residential rates from: 2.9¢ per minute I Phone Bill , 4.9¢ per minute Unitel, 4.9¢ per minute OPEX, 4.9¢ per minute Capsule Communications, and 4.5¢ per minute PowerNetGlobal.

Computers: Discounted computer hardware. We've got a HUGE selection of PCs (IBM compatible and Apple), laptops and accessories, Software, Home electronics, Car Audio - and over 160,000 other items at great prices!

Satellite TV: FREE satellite dish, receiver, and professional installation with a leader in Digital Satellite TV!

Cellular/PCS: Only the finest in billed and prepaid discount cellular/PCS systems through providers like Verizon, AT&T, VoiceStream, US Cellular, CellularOne, Sprint, MCI WorldCom, and more!

Web Services: Discount Dial-up and DSL ISP Service, T1 Service, Web Hosting, Internet Faxing, and more.

Calling Cards: Featuring top notch billed and prepaid services that will save money when making calls away from home.

Paging Service: Our PageNet service covers North America and features the Motorola Wordline and Numeric pagers.

For an introduction to the Industry, Products, Company, and Compensation Plan, please visit:

Earn Commission: Up to 10% commission for each new account you bring to any one of Cognigen's suite of services. Also earn residual overrides and bonuses by personally sponsoring associates into the program. We have thousands of hard working agents who earn substantial commission dollars each month. Click here to review the compensation plan:

For more information and to get started, please visit:

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WEBSITE SALES - commissions and bonuses

[1871]Dec 24,2000

We are seeking highly motivated individuals to market our webCenters Full/Part-time. Sales representatives have the income potential of five figures or better. If you are ready to make a change in your life and income, then join the internet revolution.

Website Business Is Big Business. A projected 63 Million websites will be sold within the next 24 months! There is an immense opportunity to help people establish a web presence. The rush is on for small business, families, churches, sports organizations, and many others to join the World Wide Web, and you could help them!

Our webCenter Is Much More Than Just A Website, it includes:
Web sites (1 personal or small business and 1 "Optional" instant opportunity)
Personal Portal (news, financial, health reports, sports, entertainment, calendar)
WebUcation (Windows, Computer, Internet, Page-builder, Marketing tutorials)
eCommerce (an "Optional" evisionStore containing over 1 Million products)
Kids Corner (online children's games - entertaining & educational - all grade levels)

For an introduction to the Industry, Product, Company, and Compensation Plan, please visit:

Other Companies Charge over $2,600 USD per year for similar quality websites. Our price is about 5% of the competition and a fraction of the web hosting alone! Easy and powerful websites that can turn anyone into a talented web page designer in 8 simple steps. There's an immense opportunity to help people establish a web presence at fraction of the cost of your competitors; an incredibly affordable product the whole world wants!!

For more information and to get started, please visit:

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looking for Ghanaians interested on working pro bono

[1829]Dec 18,2000

'm looking for Ghanaians interested on working pro bono to develop a free business site to promote Ghanaian businesses and serve as a portal for the IT and educational infrastructure in Ghana.

Specifically I have registered two sites: and I'm looking for creative programmers and devolopers with experience in C++, linux/unix, html, perl, asp, visual basic and related foundations. Initially the work will be pro bono but those who make sincere contributions will be invited to form a pre IPO company in view of going public. Work on the site is open to citizens of african states but I prefer that work on be limited to ghanaian citizens only.

My company is IMG Technologies-Dallas and my site is I presently work at Dell Computers in Austin Texas as an OS Test Engineer/Analyst.

I can be contacted at benjamin_frempong or

My personal company also does recruiting for computer science graduates with programming and developtment experience. The companies I recruit for will provide H1-B visas.

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interested distributors

[1807]Dec 14,2000

Akyeame currently in the usa is looking for distributors for their recordings
including a yet to be released album recorded in America with some of the finest producers.Must have experience in distributing major acts and at least a distribution outlet will be a plus.countries include germany canada paris uk and
holland.write to or call 718 548 6853

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Somebody to handle international transactions

[1635]Nov 20,2000

i am looking for someone to handle some international transactions. if you live in ghana please apply. great money!! great opportunity! if interested please contact.

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Professional Web Site Marketers

[1632]Nov 20,2000

We have currently opened our doors in your country. If you are seeking employment and wish to make very good money with a very good company, then here is an excellent opportunity for you. We currently have two associates working this business in Ghana, we are looking for a few more. Please contact us if you are interested. All money paid out in US funds.

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[1496]Oct 26,2000

Newly established Direct Marketing Company requires regional distributors for the distribution sale of an exciting range of affordably priced nutritional/health products. These products are for the mass market and are doing extremely well in South Africa. E-mail for more details.

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[1495]Oct 26,2000

A National Sales Executive with a good general knowledge of direct marketing required to coordinate and manage ten Regional Distributors in Ghana. Send an
e-mail for detailed requirements andresponsibilities.

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Stone Tiles for the building industry

[1458]Oct 20,2000

we are an architectural accessories firm . we cut stones for floors walls and roofs
we are looking for agents to help us market our stuff all over the world. limestone,jasper, serpentine, quartzite and sandstone .
contact Gina (Accra- +233217012376)

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Pharmaceuticals for sale, wholesale or retail

[1167]Aug 31,2000

Italian manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceuticals seek distributors or brokers in Ghana per the sale of their products in Ghana and, possibly, other Countries. If interested pls contact us and we shall be pleased to pass you a complete list of available items, unless you have specific requirements.
Fax 0039 050 504393

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Estate Agent Wanted

[1021]Aug 8,2000

Estate Agent wanted for sale of large factory in Cape Coast which produces oil from copra and palm kernel. For more information please send e-mail. Thank you.

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[880]Jul 14,2000

We are in the business of preparing high quality sterile INTRAVENOUS PHARMACEUTICALS including ANTIBIOTICC, PARENTERAL NUTRITION, CHEMOTHERAPY and HYDRATION FLUIDS on a large scale to HOSPITALS, CLINICS and HOME in the USA. We are currently extending these unique services
to the people of Ghana. If responses are encouraging, we plan to provide services from locations in ACCRA, KUMASI and TAKORADI initially, then nationwide at an alarmingly cheaper cost. Interested clients may contact us at:
or by mail at 2413 Golders Green Ct., Baltimore, MD 21244
Phone: 410-944-0539.

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[779]Jul 1,2000

We are a South African company seeking to enter into sole agency agreement with individuals or companies to market our full range of food processing and packaging equipment in Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Interested?. E-mail:

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[736]Jun 25,2000

Website in need of freelance writers to cover a variety of issues related to Africans in the Diaspora. Topics include, but are not limited to, health, politics, history, travel, current events, entertainment, and criminal justice. The pay is low to start, but it's great exposure. Interested parties please email

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Agents wanted in Ghana to sell our bricks and roof tiles

[662]Jun 15,2000

ADIDOME CERAMICS CO LTD, a major new British-Canadian investment in Adidome in the Volta Region is now producing large quantities of high quality bricks, roof tile, clay pavers, sunscreen blocks. We currently sell from our factory site, near the Adidome hospital, from our main Accra Depot on the Kwashiman highway near the Hong Kong cinema and from this month also from a new sales agency in Adenta.

We now require more agents/distributors to sell our products in all major towns of Ghana (also Togo, Cot D'Ivoire and Benin). You MUST be familiar with the construction industry and have good contacts with real estate developers, architects, contractors etc.
Apply to
Graham J. Smith, Managing Director
Adidome Ceramics Co Ltd
PO Box 21 Adidome,
Volta Region, Ghana


PO Box OS-3090

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Abosso Goldfields

[330]Apr 22,2000

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[329]Apr 22,2000


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Engineering Jobs

[328]Apr 22,2000

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Opportunities in Ghana for recent graduates

[326]Apr 22,2000

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NDPC jobs

[325]Apr 22,2000

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