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Opportunities in Ghana for recent graduates

[324]Apr 22,2000

Centillion/EBI Group is pleased to announce job opportunities are available for recent young graduates of universities and colleges to work for up to six months in industry and finance in Ghana, West Africa.

Centillion/EBI, with the support and financial assistance of the federal government through its Youth International Internships Program, will place interested young people in six month employment in a wide range of companies, both Canadian and Ghanaian. The purpose of the placements is to provide young people with international work experience in the fields in which they studied. Every effort will be made to place each successful candidate into a practical working experience that is directly related to the degree,diploma or college certificate he/she obtained in his/her studies.

Upon the intern's return from Ghana, Centillion/EBI will provide support to assist the intern in finding work in Canada in his/her chosen field.

The Youth International Internships Program provides each successful candidate a return ticket to and from Ghana. It also provides the Intern with a monthly wage that will cover accommodation, living expenses and spending money.

The Centillion/EBI representative in Ghana will assist the Intern in finding appropriate accommodation and be there throughout the intern's period in Ghana to assist the intern in successfully adapting to the local environment.

Centillion/EBI is interested in finding young people who are presently unemployed or underemployed who live in or are from Western Canada. This is a once in a life opportunity to have an unforgettable adventure. It combines the exotic challenge of Africa with the real need of gaining work experience in your chosen field.

To find out more about the opportunities available, please send your resume to the following:

For interested young people in/from BC or Alberta, contact:

Art Hamilton
Centillion/EBI Group
1035 Moss St.
Victoria, B.C.
V8V 4P2
Tel: 250 381 1833
Fax: 250 381 1834

Art Hamilton, 1035 Moss St.,
Victoria, BC, Canada V8V 4P2
tel: 250-381-1833 fax: 250-381-1834

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