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GTF open nominations for taekwondo video contest

The Ghana Taekwondo Federation (GTF) has opened nominations for taekwondo clubs under the federation to submit video clips for this years “I Love taekwondo” contest.

According to the president of the GTF, Frederick Lartey Otu, all participating clubs are expected to submit a three-minute video clip about “How Taekwondo Changes My Life” or Taekwondo Aerobics with a K-POP Song, or both.

The participants, Mr Otu stated, must upload their videos with the title of the contest, club name and the title of the video at for public viewing.

He said only online applications would be accepted.


At the close of submission by August 31, 2016, Mr Otu added that 20 taekwondo clubs would be selected and awarded later in the year with 15 taekwondo uniforms per club, while the top three winners would receive additional taekwondo equipment.

Some of the clubs expected to take part in the competition are the defending champions Methodist Girls Senior High School (MEGHIS) from the Eastern Region, Accra Polythecnic Taekwondo Academy, Astoria, Demonstration School for the Deaf Taekwondo, Marpro Taekwondo Clubs, SOS-Hermann Gmeiner School and Sunyani Taekwondo Club.

Mr Otu said the contest was aimed at encouraging the youth to develop keen interest in taekwondo as a sporting discipline.

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