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British born UK African Hip-Hop Artist Jay Bieggs has been working in the music industry for many years.

Whilst working with others acts, Jay Bieggs was also producing his Hip-Hop Rock album.

Jay Bieggs is the second of his family to have been born on British soil, his family hails from Ghana, West Africa. His mind Set is always on taking care of business, cos discipline is the foundation for growing up in a Ghanaian Family. On the Urban Music scene and the African Music scene Jay Bieggs has worked with many Acts, European Urban Music / African Music Promoters and also artists from USA, Hong Kong, China and Japan.

Keeping it real with his rhymes, rhyming about life, nothing is left unturned as he always says. He is crazy about the manipulation of Hiphop Music making it work to his advantage & style. He doesn’t listen to the status quo he is open minded, he listens to & work with every genre of music. His music consist of different sounds, African sound with a touch of western sound, filled with fat beats, strong bass line and lead rock guitar sound enough to get the ladies and hip-hop heads rolling. His style is unique and exclusive for all music lovers of hip-hop rock and hip-life. The whole vibe about his music is using wisdom in the successes of life, having good times, going through bad times, fun and life’s struggle, which he always says you gotta be a soldier in life. An accident kept Jay Bieggs out for a while but now he is back to finish the biznezz.

Having mentors from Africa that most haven’t even heard of, they’ve given him great inspiration i.e.: Maa Amanua, King Bruce, ET Mensa, Philip Gbeho, Dr Ephraim Amu, Fela Kuti, Osibisa, Koo Nimo, Maria Makiba, Manu Dibango, Jewel Akar, Daddy Lumba, Kojo Antwi, Lucky Dube and Alpha Blondie, these great legends of African Music inspired him immensely. Other mentors are KRS One, Notorious B.I.G, Jimmy Hendrix, Jay Z, Blaktwang, Nas, Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, Sugar Hill Gang, Dr Dre, DMX, P. Diddy, Bob Marley, Peter Touch, Mighty Diamonds, Buju, Capleton, Lenny Kravitz, Richard Ashcroft, Liam Gallagher, Cold Play and The Verve.

In Co-operate Business his mentors are Alan Sugar, Jay Z, P Diddy, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Lakshmi Mittal & Russell Simmons.

Jay Bieggs UK Album has got many heavy blockbuster bangin tracks. His primary aim is to carry the UK African Hip-Hop Music flag worldwide.

Jay Bieggs’s MySpace site: www.myspace.com/jaybieggs