Nana-Tuffour Comfort

Other NamesNana-Tuffour
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The young beautiful woman came into the acting field barely three years ago but already she is making waves almost as big as those of Grace Nortey, Dzifa Glikpoe, Edinam Atatsi, Agnes Dapaah, Doris Sackitey and others.

The name is Comfort Nana-Tuffour. Comfort told this writer in an interview that she came into the acting world barely three years ago. Among the movies she has acted in are Remember Your Mother (a Ghanaian-Nigerian production) Choice, Okukuseku, Lady Bianca (another Ghanaian-Nigerian production) and Abro, a latest Ghanaian movie.

Asked about her opinion as to why most Ghanaians choose Nigerian movies over locally produced ones, Comfort had this to say: “Nigerians invest a lot of money into their movies. They use seasoned professional actors and also use elaborate costume and make-up. All this add flavour to Nigerian movies. “Besides, one thing I noticed when I went to Nigeria to shoot Lady Bianca is that all the movie producers are professionals and they work on full time basis. However, in Ghana movie producers have divided attention. They have their own jobs and film making comes as a part-time job. This attitude does not help the industry.”

Of all the films she has acted in, Comfort says she likes Lady Bianca most. “The role I played was very contradictory to real life and I saw it as a challenge. Being on set too with Liz Benson was fun and a privilege at the same time. She is a wonderful woman. She is so cool and down-to-earth and she has a good sense of humour.”

Comfort Nana-Tuffuor was born on June 6, 1975 in Kumasi. She is the daughter of Pastor Israel Nana-Tuffuor and Mrs Comfort Nana-Tuffuor, both Adventists. Comfort attended Anglican Secondary School in Kumasi and St. Louis Training College. She taught for four years and later came to the University of Ghana to study Theatre Arts.

She says combining acting and academic work is not an easy task but she is managing. As much as she believes her acting is in-born, she looks up to Grace Nortey, Brew Riverson Jnr. Dzifa Glikpoe and Kwame Owusu-Ansah as role models. When Comfort is not on set or busy at her books, she likes to read, listen to music, make friends and play sports.

Her favourite artistes are Celine Dion, Yolanda Adams, Cece Winans and Baby Cinans for internationals and for locals, Lord Kenya, Stella Dugan and she also loves Adventist songs.

In life, Comfort believes in two philosophies and they are “Love whoever likes you” and “Trust in God.”

Asked if she is married, she flashed a coy smile and said “not yet.”