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Afeku vetting tourism biased - Socrate Safo

Controversial movie producer Socrates Sarfo has said he was left “disappointed” following the vetting of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts Minister-designate Catherine Afeku by the Appointments Committee on Monday.

Questions posed to Ms Afeku when she appeared before the committee focused mainly on tourism, an observation Mr Sarfo, a showbiz figure, was unhappy with.

Speaking with Accra News’ Richard Appiah Sarpong moments after the Appointments Committee dismissed Ms Afeku from its sitting, the Sons Of Satan producer said he was “disturbed” observing proceedings as one MP after the other probed the nominee about her plans for Ghana’s tourism sector, while too few questions were thrown to her about what she could do for the other areas of her ministry – Culture and Creative Arts.

“I was a bit disappointed that the whole thing was geared towards tourism; that was the only thing [about the vetting] that bothered me, because the Creative Arts sector is the engine that propels tourism. Without a vibrant Creative Arts sector, you can’t have a good tourism industry,” he stated, explaining that with the tourism sector “not doing well” in spite of increased investments, it was time for the state to promote the creative arts industry on the back of which more tourists will flock into the country.

“…If we are to sell our creative arts, tourists will come. I am not disappointed with the lady (Catherine Afeku), but I am disappointed with the questions parliament, the country’s law-making body, asked. Because it (the ministry) is Creative Arts, Culture and Tourism; tourism is not the only reason why she has been made minister – she is Minister-[designate] for Creative Arts and Culture as well,” he added.
Source: accrafm.com
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