Ashanti NPP chairmen divided over Afoko

Afoko Paul Tamale Embattled NPP Chairman

Thu, 24 Sep 2015 Source: The Chronicle

A division has emerged amongst the front leadership of constituency chairmen in the Ashanti Region over the recommendation by the National Council of Elders calling for a disciplinary action against Mr. Paul Afoko, the National Chairman of the party.

A group of Constituency Chairmen have debunked a statement purportedly issued under the name of Chairmen Association condemning the decision by the National Council. A statement issued and signed by some five constituency chairmen including the chairmen for Asokwa, Nhyiaeso and Suame, expressed worry at the recommendation by the National Council of Elders, describing it as a recipe for disaster.

In the statement, the five chairmen, claiming to be speaking on behalf of all constituency chairmen in the Ashanti Region, said the action by the National Council was wrong and that recommending a disciplinary action against the National Chairman of the party would further deepen cracks within the party.

However, another group of constituency chairmen have denied issuing any statement in the name of the association, describing it as an act of deception.

In a signed statement issued and copied to the media, thirteen constituency chairmen of the party in the region stated emphatically that they had not held any meeting neither have they caused a statement to be issued in the name of the chairmen association on the matter concerning the National Chairman, Mr. Afoko.

According to the NPP Constituency Chairmen, it was wrong for the five chairmen to have issued a statement without any proper consultation with other members of the association. “It was shocking and cruel to have sent out a statement in the name of our association as chairmen without our notices,” the NPP Constituency Chairmen indicated,

They pointed out that they cannot understand why these persons who are advocating for the use of defined party structures, would hypocritically use their own structures instead of involving the other constituency chairmen or the regional executives.

The Constituency Chairmen opined that we if there were any form of suggestions to be made to the Council of Elders, it should have been a collective approach and signed by all recognized bodies of the party including the Regional Chairman.

“We wish to state categorically that there has never been such meeting held by us as chairmen to discuss such issue and hence that publication is fabricated and such lies must be ignored or the persons who are behind this did so for their own interest and not that of our association,” the statement noted.

The group contended that Constituency Chairmen were not in any position to refute a decision made by the Council of Elders, stressing that they believe any decision taken by the experienced Elders of the party was in the interest of the party.

The Constituency Chairmen further noted “we wish to state on that we have not opposed or proposed the decision of the Council of Elders asking for the suspension of Mr. Paul Afoko, our national chairman. We believe as a party, we are guided by laws and if anyone goes contrary, the law should have its way,”

They observed therefore that if Mr. Afoko is found soiled or guilty, the Disciplinary Committee has such power to act on the said recommendation by the Council of Elders.

Source: The Chronicle
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