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CPP need a realists as a General Secretary - Afari Yeboah

Mr Kwadwo Afari Yeboah, aspiring General Secretary of the Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP) on Monday said the party should use Election 2020 to rally support and charter a good path in rebuilding and rebranding the party.

He said: “To ensure we have representation in the next Parliament. Our Presidential Candidate shall be the utmost advocate for rebuilding upon the foundation of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Mr. Afari Yeboah told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra said, the building of the foundations of Osagyefo Dr. Nkrumah through the CPP must begin from the human resources.

He said having a good account of party membership and building their capacity to deliver the objective of national agenda. “We need to recruit over 700,000 active members and train them to facilitate the needed ground mobilization to win us power.

“Our votes over the last two elections added together do not give us this figure. So realistically we have a huge human resource deficit. There are over 30 million Ghanaians and 15 million voters and yet we are unable to account for 700,000 members. This is work within”

The CPP Aspiring GS said as part of the process to win political power, the party must also reinvigorate its material resources: Each of the current 275 constituencies would require a functional office.

Mr. Afari Yeboah, who is a Management and Marketing Communication Consultant said the CPP must go through the rebranding to make it a force to capture political power.

“I believe political parties are like any other corporate establishments that ought to be managed professionally. Its branches and offices ought to function day-to-day in the business of political advocacy, social research, and policy engagement.

“These are supposed to be the cardinal functions of the Party Administration and must emanate from the Office of the General Secretary, which I stand for,” Mr. Afari Yeboah stated.

He comes to the post with several years of providing services for ministries and agencies and worked on various social projects including; child trafficking, child labour, Labour and employment, youth leadership and governance as well as the promotion and advocacy for science education and acculturation.

The CPP General Secretary Aspirant explained that the party must go through a professional transformation based on strong teamwork through efficient corporate management practices.

He said as a General Secretary, “I seek to work with all elected and appointed leaders from constituency to national levels focusing on a four-year strategic framework for the rebuilding and restructuring of the Party”.

Mr. Afari Yeboah who is campaigning on the theme: “Rebuilding CPP, Rebuilding Ghana,” explained that being able to provide communication services to some government agencies including; the Forestry and natural resources sector have also strengthened his ability to manage complex issues to a logical conclusion, a skills CPP needed to move to the next stage.

The CPP General Secretary Aspirant who is the Chief Executive Officer of Threshold Africa Logistics Limited and Media Concepts Oriented believed that the CPP must be built on corporate management principles, “I will therefore in consultation with other leaders initiate a six-month operational framework to ensure CPP wins Parliamentary seats in the December polls”.

Mr. Afari Yeboah said effective communication within the Party system, setting up of functional Administration from Constituency, Regional and the National Secretariat, inject innovation and information, communication, and technology-based system to enhance information and data system management is key for a party to operate.

He said effective party organisation hinges also on funding, “as a General Secretary, I will institute effective fundraising and Financial Administration for the Party to ensure sustainability and develop strong study groups for policy studies and stakeholder engagement with civil society organisations and other organisations.

Mr. Afari Yeboah who is a former CPP Deputy Regional Secretary, Greater Accra Region said the CPP needed to engage the general populace and “our members as cherished consumers and shareholders respectively.

“Our Officers across the country will have the opportunity of frequent and tailored training to be able to deliver on dispensing and policy objectives of the Party, which in turn will be a major determinant for our political mobilization and activism”.
Source: GNA
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