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Central region gives President Mahama a thumbs up

President Mahama was given a rousing welcome by the Chiefs and people of the Central Region for his 5-day campaign tour which indicated that they appreciate his tremendous infrastructural and social development. He now goes on record as the President who has visited Central Region the Most in recent History.

In recent years Central Region has ranked among the poorest regions in Ghana. However, today, the tide is turning due to the overwhelming infrastructural development which correlates to the economic boom for the region, resulting from the vision for the region, by His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama.

We all know Cape-Coast to be the home of early education mostly a reserve for the elite. Today the direct actions taken by President Mahama will bridge the divide between the have and have-nots. The community day Schools that have been completed and fully equipped, will ensure access to quality education, for many who would not have had the opportunity.

There is also the Anomabo Fisheries College and Midwifery College at Ajumako Bisease which add in a practical, and relevant manner to the tertiary institutions already established. The Midwifery College and a Polyclinic were direct promises made to the people of Ajumako Biseaso by President Mahama and they were happy to see the promises fulfilled right before their eyes.

The completion of the Elmina Bridge brings back the glory days of business transactions between the two business centres around the Benya lagoon. The Elmina Bridge will now facilitate smooth motoring access to the Elmina Castle and Fort Jargo which happen to be two of the most prominent tourist sites in the Region. The bridge will boost tourism activities which also means economic boom once again for the people in and around Elmina.

Additionally, Cape Coast Stadium has uplifted the Region giving it a much needed boost in sports development. Sports happens to be one of the common uniting disciplines for us as Ghanaians and an avenue for economic benefits for the locallity and its residents anytime there is an event at the stadium.

For the first time in history, Cape Coast the regional capital, has had its main roads and some adjoining ones asphalted, to give it the status of a capital the region deserves. This is very key to the progress of the region since the main road forms part of the original plan of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, to construct the Trans-West African Highway. It connects to Ivory Coast through Western Region, links the Ashanti Region, Eastern Region and Greater Accra being the seat of government.

Winneba Township has not been left out in this road facelift. The township has also benefited with 11km of asphalted road.

Economic activity has received a boost through empowering of the fisher folk with highly subsidized outboard motors and premix fuel. Further to that, there is a completed fish processing and storage plant, serving as a hub for the fisheries businesses and fisherfolk.

The formerly defunct Komenda Sugar factory has come alive providing jobs for 7000 people both directly and indirectly. As if this is not enough, the region is equally dazed with an ultra-modern market at Kotokuraba which has eluded the region for a very long time. This market gives traders and customers an environment which is mostly found in the capital city of the nation.

Another one of the key infrastructural projects that will change the fortunes of the region is the Kasoa interchange which links the region to the eastern part of the country, via Greater Accra. It is worthy to note that, along the stretch of dual carriage road comes along schools, markets, bus terminals, a walk-over at Iron city, 13 local roads, a polyclinic, etc…, to serve the peoples’ interest.

Free seedlings have been made available to farmers whose cocoa trees are more than 35 years. Furthermore, the high remuneration which cocoa farmers receive under the current administration is more than any in the fourth Republic.

Indeed the leadership, chiefs and citizens of Central Region in their numbers assured H.E President John Dramani Mahama of their votes. Central for JM, and they say JM Toaso.
Source: kasapafmonline.com
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