Computers 'rotting away' at Balobia JHS over lack of electricity

File Photo Computers File photo: Pupils are unable to use computers at the Balobia JHS as the IT lab has no power supply

Fri, 2 Mar 2018 Source: Senyalah Castro Cazo

About 10 desktop computers and other accessories donated to Balobia Junior High School in the Kasena/Nankana East assembly of the Upper East Region are yet to be put to use by the school authority due to lack of electricity supply to a building earmarked for conversion to an IT laboratory.

The items, donated last year by an old student who sought to achieve effectiveness in the teaching and learning of information communication technology in the school have been locked away, consumed by dust and left unused in the store room of the school as a result of the challenge.

Pupils of the school who could have counted themselves lucky over their colleagues in other schools for having access to the Information technology tools through the benevolence of Mr Daniel Tankibe Chirawura are unfairly lagging behind in IT education for no fault of theirs.

School authorities would not divulge any information to Senyalah Castro Cazo when he visited the school. However, sources who spoke on grounds of anonymity said authorities of the school have in several unsuccessful attempts written letters to the municipal education directorate drawing its attention to the situation.

The source added that initial arrangement were made by the municipal education unit for cost evaluation of the wiring of the building and provision of burglar proof doors and windows systems but that " arrangement didn't live to see the light of day right after the term ended".

“The issue surrounding the computers is nothing new to the education office in the assembly. The past headmaster wrote on several occasions to the school concerning this issue of no electricity supply to the block. The current headmaster did same. And even the current and former assemblymen for the area are all aware of the challenge" The source lamented.

“Initially, we were told at a meeting that the municipal education office was sending someone to come and make some cost estimations so that they see what they can do about the issue. But that idea didn't see the light of day right after the term ended" Source added.

Until the block set aside for the creation of an IT laboratory for the school is wired for the easy supply of electricity and the provision of burglar proof doors and windows, pupils of Balobia junior high school will not benefit from the kindness and selflessness of Mr Daniel Tankibe Chirawura who sought to give the teaching and learning of Information Communication Technology (ICT) a push in his Alma Mater.

Source: Senyalah Castro Cazo
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