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East Ayawaso Ndc Boils

…As Gedel Mohammed Cautions Constituency Executives

•?But Confident Of Victory

By Witty Adusu

Ahead of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Constituency primaries for the Ayawaso East Constituency, three aspirants have expressed interest to contest the sitting MP, Dr. Mustapha Ahmed and to retain the seat for the ruling Party in area.

The Citizen has found out that there is growing tension in the constituency as followers of Biometric Expert, Mr. Gedel Mohammed suspect constituency executives are working hard to ensure that Mr. Gedel Mohammed is defeated by the incumbent.

But information available to this paper has it that the electorates will vote for President Mills and vote for another aspirant from another party if the sitting MP is re-elected to represent the constituency (the skirt and blouse phenomenon).

The Citizen has gathered that there is deep-seated division in the constituency ahead of the 2012 election, culminating in the party being split into NDC “1” and “2” which political pundits say could wreck the chances of the party in the 2012 parliamentary elections. This reporter has found out that, it took the intervention of Regional and the National Executives of the party to merge the differences.

At the launch of his campaign, Dr. Mustapha’s fiercest contender, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Gedel, told The Citizen it is time for him to represent the East Ayawaso Constituency as their Member of Parliament.

Mr. Gedel, who is a Bio-Physics Lecturer at the Accra Polytechnic with rich experience in other facets of life, said he would facilitate educational opportunities for NDC youth to attain their fullest potentials, saying he would offer accountable leadership if given the nod.

Followers of Mr. Gedel have predicted doom for the sitting MP in the Constituency primary. Mr. Gedel, a former General Secretary for the Constituency, said, as it was in the case of Prof Mills and Nana Konadu, no bye-laws of the party state that one should first file and pay for his or her nomination forms before campaigning.

Loyalists of Mr. Gedel have accused constituency executives of using the “so-called bye-laws” as a ploy and decoy to woo delegates to vote for the incumbent.

As people’s man and a good team player, Gedel promised to make his administration people-centered which will allow all to participate in the development process of the area.

Mr. Gedel, a delegate told his colleagues delegates who are fed-up with Dr. Mustapha that if given the nod to represent them, he would transform the youth of the area through the provision of higher education and also establish educational resource centre to cater for the needs and aspirations of the youth in the area.

“As a teacher and now a lecturer who helped a lot of youth to gain admission into Accra Poly and other higher Institutions, I will see to it that the youth of the constituency are resourced educationally and financially to curb poverty in the area.

Gedel Mohammed Ahmed, Biometric System Expert and National advisor to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Biometrics system has also noted that the Ayawaso East is endowed with energetic young men and women who can serve as labour force for any project. In light of this, he would organize all of them into a resource pool for pragmatic development in the days to come.

He reminded the delegates that it is time they take their destiny into their own hands, to solve the problems brothering them by electing the right person to lead them to the promise land.

Other aspirants who are seeking to become MP for the area include Alhaji Mac Mahama Toure Naser, Alhaji Rashid Ibrahim Haruna, a consultant based in America and a member of Virginia NDC, USA branch.

Source: The Citizen Newspaper (thecitizen.new@yahoo.com)

Source: The Citizen Newspaper