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Disunity at the grassroots cost NDC 2016 elections - Felix Benefo

The blame game as to who is responsible for the defeat of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) at the just ended polls will not go away anytime soon as more and more persons continue to apportion blames.

Latest to join in the fray is the Assin North constituency Chairman, Mr Felix Benefo who said the NDC lost the election primarily because the party was united at the national level but disintegrated at the constituency level. He added that Parliamentary candidates’ abysmal performance also counted for the defeat of President John Dramani Mahama because most of them worked in isolation without recourse to party unity and structures.

“Our regional and national executives were also impervious to advice. We had differences at the grassroots and these matters were not properly addressed in the build up to the elections which is why we lost. The foundation was very weak and if you spoke the truth because the party was in power you were not taken serious. We should not have lost this election at all”, he stated.

He added that Assin North which was the strong hold of NDC lost to NPP because of the apathetic attitude of Samuel Ambre, the NDC parliamentary candidate for Assin north.

“Our parliamentary candidate only visited communities prior to the elections. Meanwhile he was the incumbent MP how do you expect such residents to vote for you”, he asked.
Source: ultimatefmonline.com
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