Don't let money elect our next leaders - Sinare to NDC delegates

Said Sinare Elections Alhaji Said Sinare is the vice-chairman for NDC

Mon, 18 Apr 2022 Source: Japhet Festus Gbede

In the approaching NDC internal elections, H.E Alhaji Said Sinare, the National Vice-Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, has urged delegates to give prominence to competence, experience, and commitment over money and material rewards.

Demanding money and other resources from hopefuls will boost corruption and will not help to establish a loyal and formidable army to unseat the heartless ruling New Patriotic Party in the 2024 election, he added.

The renowned NDC's Zongo President and the former Ayawaso Mp said in a short statement on his Facebook that the monetization of politics had become a very concerning trend, warning that if it continued, the party's democratic dispensation would suffer a serious setback.

He maintained that requesting and accepting from aspirants, particularly during electioneering days, will only encourage them to adopt dubious tactics to recoup the money they spent to get elected, which will not assist the party (NDC) build a strong force for the next crucial General elections.

In a statement issued today, the immediate past Ghana Ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the former John Dramani Mahama-led National Democratic Congress administration wishes all Christians in the country and around the world a happy Easter.

Christians all over the world are commemorating Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.

The NDC's Zongo President, Alhaji Sinare, a light-skinned Rawlings lookalike NDC bigwig, stated that the Christian faith's resurrection of Jesus Christ represents the beginning of the path to victory for his party, the National Democratic Congress.

The founder of Zongo for NDC, who scoured the length and breadth of the country, expending all of his energy and resources to ensure President Mahama received the votes he needed and expected Muslim votes in the 2016 and 2020 general elections, was quoted as saying that the 2024 general election would be for competent and experienced political mafias and that delegates should be equipped against choosing money over-committed and loyal party faithful's.


Happy Resurrection Sunday to all my hard-working Christian comrades in the 16 regions in Ghana and around the globe.

It is now evident that this is just the beginning of the path to the 2024 victory!!

Rejoice because he has risen in our favor!!

Source: Japhet Festus Gbede
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