Double Track System: Private classes not a policy – CHOPSS

Wed, 19 Sep 2018 Source: The Publisher

The Conference of Heads of Private Secondary Schools (CHOPSS) has said that the decision by some of its members to conduct private classes for their students who are awaiting their turn to return to school in the double-track system, is not a formal policy.

The Public Relations Officer of CHOPSS, Joseph Dzamesi told the media on Tuesday, 18 September that the members of CHOPSS who are organising the private classes are doing so on their own.

Mr. Dzamesi said: “It’s not a formal policy of CHOPSS by any means. That is a choice individual schools are having to make because the same way there are some schools who have problems with numbers, the same way there are schools who are getting a lot of students because parents are not interested in the double-track. There’re some schools that are flooded basically.”

He also indicated that some private schools are experiencing an increase in enrollment due to parents opting for private schools as an alternative to government’s double-track free SHS system.

He told Accra-based Citi FM that: “There are schools that are doing pretty well in terms of admission because parents are looking for alternatives to the double-track system and to the semester system.”

Source: The Publisher
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