Politics Mon, 18 May 2015

#Dumsormuststop protesters seize Mahama’s T-Shirts

A group of young men seen at Saturday’s #Dumsormuststop demonstration, wearing T-shirts affirming President John Mahama’s capacity and desire to fix the energy problem were chased away by a couple of private security detail engaged by organisers.

“Mahama will fix Dumsor” was the bold inscriptions on the mainly black but colourful T-shirts.

The ostensible Mahama supporters were confronted by the “security” providers for the planned candlelight vigil which also turned out a huge carnival, insisting that the message ran counter to the theme of #Dumsormuststop.

In the ensuing exchanges one of the promoters of the T-shirts had his torn from his back and shredded into pieces. His other colleagues took the cue and exited the venue.

The brief encounter just around Okponglo had some onlookers agree with the “security” intervention, saying the venue and occasion was not one for promises or campaigns to allow counter messages.


Organisers of the vigil, led largely by some Ghanaian showbiz celebrities, had consistently harped on the issue of the vigil not being a political stunt or platform but one to demand of the authorities to put in some urgency in the race to restore regular power supply and end the power crisis.

And when people turned out in their numbers to support the cause, for some it was an occasion to sing Jama songs, dance and shout as best they could at the vigil, while others saw it a good opportunity for selfies.

Watch video below.

Source: Graphic.com.gh