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Ekumfi Ansaman roots for JOY

The Chiefs and people of the Ekumfi Ansaman Traditional area in the Mfantsiman East Constituency of the Central Region have declared their support for the only independent candidate in the 2016 election, Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah, popularly known as JOY.

The Chief of the area, Nana Banbil Ansah V, said he was endorsing Mr Yeboah because after assessing him in relation to other political parties and politicians, he had proven to be a potential agent of development for the people of Ekumfi.

At a durbar of chiefs and people of the town last Sunday in honour of Mr Yeboah, Nana Banbil described Mr Yeboah as different and a man of his words.

“ I have listened to several political talks by various political parties and politicians over the years and have realised that they were all empty promises, but the handwriting on the wall is so clear that our future president, JOY, is different,” he said.


He said during electioneering, all political parties came to make so much promises but they never showed up after the elections.

He was quick to add that the little encounter Ekumfi Asaman had had with Mr Yeboah had been very beneficial and more promising.

He applauded Mr Yeboah and his entourage for promising to build a clinic for the town, donating some amount of money to help enhance the community centre, helping fishermen in the area to acquire outboard motors and for all the promises he and his team had made to the town.

“All the various appeals to political parties for help to enhance the community centre in the town, furnish an office built by the community to be used for immunisation and routine medical checks for children, among other requests, have proven futile,” he said.


He, therefore, passionately, called on the people of Ekumfi to vote massively for Mr Yeboah because he represented the change and development Ekumfi had been dreaming of over the years.

Convincing his people to vote for the independent candidate, Nana Banbil lifted his right arm with the thumb up and shouted “ Kokromoti power,” meaning the power of the thumb, while the very cheering and receptive people at the durbar reciprocated by shouting ‘’power’’, also with their thumbs up.

The chief pronounced blessings on Mr Yeboah on his journey to become president and added that it was the same blessing they gave to the late President, Professor Evans John Fiifi Atta Mills, as an indigene of the town and so he was optimistic that Mr Yeboah was likely to win the 2016 election.



The Daily Graphic observed that just a few political party posters had been posted on walls and electric polls in the town. Among them, only one belonged to the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The others were those of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), which dominated, the Convention People’s Party ( CPP) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Immediately after the durbar, the indigenes were seen busily posting the posters of Mr Yeboah all over. Before long Mr Yeboah’s posters had outnumbered those of the PPP.

Mr Yeboah’s remarks

In his remarks, Mr Yeboah, who was welcomed with a standing ovation, loud applause and cheers from people at the durbar, expressed gratitude to the chiefs and people of Ekumfi for endorsing him and giving him their blessings.

“I am very honoured to be here, the homeland of late President Mills and I am grateful to all of you for giving me the similar blessing and support you gave to President Mills. I must say I am very humbled, honoured and grateful to you all,” he said.

Mr Yeboah asked the people to vote for him, assuring them that although he was optimistic of winning the 2016 election, if he did not win, he would still go ahead and fulfil his promises to them.

“Despite my optimism that I will win, even if I do not, your votes will encourage me to continue to fight for the good of Ekumfi, particularly Ansaman, and I promise never to relent in that effort,” he said.

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