Ensure peace in Gonjaland - John Mahama to Gonja Chiefs

Tue, 23 Apr 2019 Source: thepressradio.com

Former President John Dramani Mahama has admonished the Chiefs and people of the Gonjaland traditional area in the Savanna Region to embrace peace in the newly created region.

Speaking at the 43rd annual Gonjaland Youth Association meeting held in Damongo, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Flagbearer, Mr. Mahama called for peace in Gonjaland saying "without peace, there can never be development".

He reminded his Gonja people that Gonjaland was the envy of all other tribes in Ghana since chieftainship is by a laid down succession but recent Chieftaincy problems is eroding this enviable record Gonjas have.

He bemoaned over Chieftaincy disputes I the Gonjaland and asked for an immediate solution to promote development.

He praised the Yagbonwura for constituting a committee some few weeks ago to find lasting solutions to all conflicts in Gonjaland.

Touching on the water problem affecting the Savanna Regional capital of Damongo, former President Mahama appealed to the NPP goverment to follow the initial plan designed by his government to supply Damongo and its environs with portable water from the black Volta.

He went further to promise the people of Gonjaland that if the government fails to solve the water problem, he will solve it in 2021 after he becomes the next President.

Touching on the road network in Gonjaland, former President Mahama further appealed to the government to continue with some of the roads he started especially the Busunu- Daboya- Mankargu road and all the roads that were not completed before he left office in 2017.

He also urged the government to develop not only the Savanna region but all the newly created regions since they are all lacking behind interms of development.

Earlier before a durbar of the Gonjaland Youth Association Congress, former President Mahama was at the Palace of the King and Overlord of the Gonjaland Traditional area Yagbonwura Boresah Tumtumba (l) to witness the conferment of an Honorary Doctorate Degree and Professorship in acknowledgement of the Yagbonwura's dedication to progress and Development of the Gonja Kingdom and the entire country.

The Honorary Doctorate Degree and Professorship was conferred on the Overlord of Gonja by the Poltava University of Economics and Trade in Ukraine (PUET) decided on by the University Council, Academic Board and other boards of the University.

The Honorary Doctorate Degree and Professorship was conferred on him at a Special Congregation at the premises of the Jakpa Palace (residence of the Yagbonwura) in Damongo and attended by all the Paramount Chiefs of Gonja Traditional Area as well as sons and daughters of the Gonjaland and beyond.

Source: thepressradio.com
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