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Expulsion threat by John Boadu to grassroots unethical - Richard Ahiagbah

An aspiring candidate for the National General Secretary position of the New Patriotic Party, Richard Ahiagbah, has strongly condemned threats by the acting General Secretary of NPP, John Boadu to expel some aggrieved grassroots members who hinted of hauling the party to court to seek redress to some concerns.

According to him, the threat “amounts to excessive use of power to silence the grassroots” instead of “working to defuse tensions in the party”.

He explained that the resolve by the members to seek legal redress on “legitimate grievances” in the ongoing polling station elections point to the fact that all party internal grievance avenues had been exhausted.

In a communique copied to Ghanaweb, Mr Ahiagbah advised the party’s hierarchy to listen to the concerns and endeavor to resolve them internally to repair the crack between the grassroots and the party’s hierarchy.

“Threatening aggrieved members of the NPP whether one believes the legitimacy of their grievance amounts to excessive use of power to silence the grassroots, and we must resist the thought or the appearance of that in the NPP. Every member of our party deserves to be heard and not threatened with expulsion into silence. We must build strong and fair party structures that serve everyone equally,” he stated.

Mr Ahiagbah further stated that “these compliants underscore some defects with the grassroots election process therefore, it is important for us to hear where these originates and work together to improve the process to earn trust and confidence of the membership,”

The General Secretary hopeful of the governing NPP, assured that if given the node, he would ensure each member of the party is given equal attention regardless of status, in order to deepen democracy within the NPP.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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