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Extremely watery arguments! – Koku Anidoho rejects MCE's defence of Cecilia Dapaah

Koku Anyidoho Ka Koku Anyidoho, Former NDC Deputy General Secretary

Sun, 23 Jul 2023 Source:

Former National Democratic Congress (NDC) Deputy General Secretary, Koku Anyidoho, has taken a swipe at the Ga West Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Clement Wilkinson.

His action is connected to what he calls a weak defense the MCE put up in the alleged stolen monies worth US$1 million, €300,000, and 350,000 Ghana Cedis in cash at the residence of Cecilia Abena Dapaah former Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources.

Koku Anyidoho labeled the MCE as a "self-appointed party communicator" and accused him of lacking a proper understanding of communication.

Clement Wilkinson, offered a defense to the embattled former minister while speaking on Accra-based UTV. He suggested that the money could have come from donations received during recent funerals hosted by Minister Dapaah.

He also proposed the possibility that the funds might be tokens given to the minister from contractors engaged by the government through the sanitation ministry for dredging the Odaw River.

However, Koku Anyidoho asserted that such individuals often create more problems for their political parties and politicians by presenting what he described as "extremely watery arguments" in defense of indefensible situations.

“It is these self-appointed so-called Party Communicators (they have no understanding of what communication entails), who create more problems for the political parties/politicians, with their extremely watery arguments in defense of the indefensible,” he said in a Twitter post on July 22, 2023.

Meanwhile, the former Minister has resigned from her position.

"Since yesterday, Friday, July 21, 2023, social and traditional media have been full of stories about a court case involving a theft that took place last year in the home I live with my husband and daughter.

"The stories sought to suggest that I own various huge sums of foreign currencies and millions of Ghana cedis which have been stolen from my home. Whereas I can state emphatically that those figures do not represent correctly what my husband and I reported to the Police, I am very much aware of the import of such stories around someone in my position.

"I am resigning therefore because I do not want this matter to become a preoccupation of government and a hindrance to the work of government at such a crucial time," parts of the letter read.

Cecilia however acknowledged the opportunity given her by the president to serve in her capacity as a government appointee.

"It has been a great privilege and honour for me to have been given the opportunity to serve in your government and an even greater honour to have worked to try and bring your great vision for our country to fruition," parts of the statement added.

She also that she would cooperate fully with the requisite state agencies to get to the bottom of the matter.

“I have no doubt whatsoever that at the end of the processes, it will be fully established that I have conducted myself with integrity during my period in public service and I will be fully exonerated from all the allegations that have filled the public domain in the past 24 hours,” she added.

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