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Fantasy Dome packed as thousands join NDC Congress

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Delegates and enthusiasts alike have flooded the premises of the Accra International Trade Fair center to participate and support their preferred candidates in the ongoing delegates conference.

Typical of a voting arena, party paraphernalia, banners and flyers are all over. ‘Die hard’ supporters are also seen clad in party colors, some with some extras to show their fervor.

Quite unexpectedly though, there is the presence of vigilante groups contrary to what Chairman of the Congress Planning Committee , Alex Sebgefia suggested prior to the elections. In fact, a ‘new’ group, ‘the lions’ seems to have made appearance at the poll grounds.

Many are expectant and hopeful for a successful congress with results reflecting the actual votes of the delegates.

Meanwhile, Leaders and key members of the party are already present and aspirants are ready and keenly awaiting the process to begin.

Over 9000 delegates are expected to take part in today’s polls. This year’s national executive elections will see some changes in key positions, including the election of the vice chairman.

The position of the national chairman will have three vice chairpersons instead of six as prevailed in the previous elections.

The party has also changed its voting pattern where one form is used to vote for several positions for different candidates. Each vote will be exclusive to a candidate.

A total of 65 persons are vying for various executive positions.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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