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Free SHS: Over 100 students rejected at St Charles School

Over 132 students including one with aggregate nine (9) placed at the St Charles Mini Seminary School have been denied admission by authorities due to accommodation challenges.

A 23 room complex dormitory structure of the school housing five hundred and three (503) boarding students was destroyed by fire in March this year and has still not undergone renovation.

The fire destroyed completely the entire building and properties of the students. They were in classrooms studying when the disaster sparked by electrical mishap struck and ravaged their items.

Classrooms have since been turned into dormitories after authorities including government officials failed to honor pledges to rebuild the structure.

The seminary school is facing an unprecedented challenge that has never been witnessed since its inception many decades ago.

According to the headmaster of the school, Mr. Polycarb Kuusonkub he requested for only 150 students taking into consideration the lack of accommodation for the boarding students but 232 students were placed. The school does not admit day students.

He said the school had finished giving admission to the number it requested adding that the rest could not be admitted because they is no space to house them.

He has since been directing them to check at schools they chose as second and third choices.

“Now that they have not worked on the block, I managed to use the old dining hall and put in the beds and counted the number of them and there were 150 so I requested for 150 but they gave 200 plus, so even I picked 51 where am I going to place the child? That is the situation,” he lamented.
Source: starrfmonline.com
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