Politics Wed, 24 Dec 2014

Get rid of non-performing NDC in 2016 — PPP

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has called on the Ghanaian electorate to “get rid of the non-performing National Democratic Congress (NDC) government” in 2016.

Congratulating the NDC delegates on electing fresh faces to steer the affairs of the party for the next four years, the PPP called on Ghanaians to learn useful lessons from the delegates by voting the NDC out in the 2016 elections.

A statement signed by the National Youth Co-ordinator of the PPP, Mr Divine Nkrumah, said the NDC delegates must be applauded for setting the example that Ghanaians ought to follow in 2016 - that is, getting rid of the current non-performing NDC government whose only achievement had been to bring the nation into economic turmoil.

The youth wing, therefore, congratulated the newly elected national executives and delegates of the NDC on having organised a successful delegates congress in the Ashanti regional capital.

“Indeed, NDC delegates have shown that they are democrats and we must all learn from their example in moving forward as a nation,” it stated.

The PPP statement said Ghanaians ought to take a cue from the NDC delegates for providing the model to follow, which is replacing the old officers with new persons they believe could move the party forward to produce results.

This clearly shows that the delegates and party members were not in the least pleased with the old crop of unproductive leaders who had no vision in terms of advancement of the party, the statement added.

“This is the kind of lesson that we must all learn from,” the PPP pointed out.

It said the Mahama-led Administration had so far proven to be clueless in the face of the economic and power challenges that the nation had been plunged into.

“Under the Mahama-led government, Ghana has seen corruption at unprecedented heights, thus prompting international bodies to grade Ghana as a country high in corruption,” it stated.

The PPP said Ghanaians certainly did not need such a clueless and visionless leadership, adding: “The NDC has shown the way for change and Ghana must follow and change the NDC government come 2016.”

Source: Graphic.com.gh