Ghana is working under Mahama – Deputy Chief of Staff

John Mahama1 President John Dramani Mahama

Tue, 11 Oct 2016 Source: kessbenfm.com

A Deputy Chief of Staff at the presidency and Parliamentary Candidate for Oforikrom in the Ashanti region, Jonny Osei Kofi has told youth groups and students that Ghana is working progressively under the Mahama led NDC administration.

He was speaking at a political event hash tagged ‘voteonissues’ organized at the Great Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Mr. Jonny stated that the economy is yielding positive results and investor confidence is boosted citing some European countries as nations that are ready to invest in the economy.

“Businesses have experienced some relief and have shown signs of recovery, investor confidence is boosted, some European countries are rushing to invest in the economy. Neighboring countries like Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast are all coming in – this tells you that Ghana is sweet!”

He admitted that Ghana isn’t an island of the change that is happening globally. ‘Population increases have become necessary that resources have to be shared in a certain way. Unfortunately past events hasn’t helped matters’.

He further explained that the NDC government has within the past years, increased development in education and healthcare delivery, adding that, “this government has not been wasteful; President Mahama has never been wasteful.”

The vision and plans of the NDC government led by the president John Mahama is such that he wants to expand the base of education and then also the quality has to be increased and it has already started, he said.

“Sometime I read that government said he was going to build 200 new Senior High Schools but has built only 5; but check with the ministry of education now, 35 of the newly built SHS is going to be occupied and there are many others at various stages of completion”

Again on education he said, President Mahama is expanding access to tertiary education, new universities are going to be built, Ho, Wa, Upper East, there are campuses of the University for Development Studies that are being converted into fully fledged universities, polytechnics are being converted to technical universities

“This party is a visionary party. Our achievements are real; you can see, feel and touch them, they’re not plans in the air”.

On employment and job creation, the Deputy Chief of Staff said when government build hospitals and Schools and expands them it creates employment for graduate nurses and teachers. “We don’t want to talk about job creation in vacuum; we want to talk about job creation that is solid, once you qualify for the job, you stay in it for as long as you want to”

Mr. Jonny Osei Kofi who is also a former lecturer at the university advised the youth to take their trainings seriously and keep hope alive, adding that there’s hope up there.

Source: kessbenfm.com
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