General News Mon, 21 Nov 2016

Ghana is wounded - Bishop Palmer-Buckle

The metropolitan Catholic Archbishop of Accra, Most Rev. Gabriel Charles Palmer Buckle has urged Ghanaians to uphold and defend the peace the country currently enjoys to help bring about the development and progress every Ghanaian yearns to see.

Speaking at the Extra Ordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy Mass and networking programme for the Catholic Professionals guild at the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Accra Friday, the Archbishop said Ghana is a wounded place that needs peace and the mercy of God to heal.

“Ghana is a wounded place and we need mercy and peace. At this time that we are preparing for the elections, when someone sitting beside you is speaking violence, he is speaking hate, he is speaking anger, and he is speaking frustration, tell that person, keep your hate, keep your violence and frustration to yourself. Let us speak peace. Let us talk what brings about healing of our dear country Ghana, what brings about peace, what brings about development. Not what brings about tearing it apart,” Most Rev. Palmer Buckle said.
Source: Ernest Senanu Dovlo
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