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Ghanaian MPs are lazy – Kofi Bentil

Ghanaian Members of Parliament are lethargic and poor in analysis, hence most of them don’t spent time to scrutinize bills and loans before they are passed, according to the Vice President of Imani Ghana.

According to Kofi Bentil, the House must take steps to halt this trend, as MPs were spending less time in parliament scrutinizing policies.

In an interview with GHOne, Kofi Bentil warned of the growing culture of carelessness, as the MPs are only interested in receiving their fat salaries, rather than executing their core mandate.

His comments, which comes as MPs ended the 6th parliament, was backed by Dr Rasheed Draman, a policy analyst who was on the show.


“We are living through harsh economic conditions, MPs have a lot to do and yet they spent much of their time in recess and others don’t even show up at all. That is not good value for money, if you asked me,” he lamented.

“Parliament seems to be the most sluggish part of our governance system. And these are the people who are supposed to hold the executive in check and they are lazy themselves,” Kofi Bentil added.

He added that the 6th parliament in particular is the most ineffective ever since Ghana returned to multiparty democracy in 1992.

“This parliament’s performance has been the poorest over the years,” he stressed.

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