Ghanaians too 'cynical' – Franklin Cudjoe

Tue, 27 Dec 2016 Source: Class FM

Founding President of policy think tank IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe, has criticised Ghanaians for what he describes as their cynical attitude.

In a post on his Facebook wall on Wednesday, December 27, Mr Cudjoe said he has been receiving “numerous WhatsApp messages reacting negatively to Dr Nduom's message about downsizing, restrategizing and refocusing his business empire for efficiency”.

According to him, many individuals have said to him that Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, who failed in his third attempt to be president of the country, is simply broke after running an expensive election campaign. Still, others have told him that the entrepreneur is witch-hunting employees who did not vote for him in the recent December 7 elections.

However, Mr Cudjoe condemned those with such thoughts, indicating: “We are deeply suspicious and too cynical in this country. Leave the Dr alone”

He argued: “Every business needs to review operations and where necessary make adjustments in anticipation of either an unpredictable business environment or simply cut back waste. Either case, there will be some job losses and realignment of roles. I certainly have had divine intervention to weed out a few undesirables at IMANI quietly though and I intend realigning duties so we can be very well focused in 2017 as we have plans far bigger beyond Ghana on a lean budget. I have said to all my noble Vice-Presidents for instance that the titles come with duties that must be performed else no chop money. Only one of my vice presidents does voluntary work for IMANI because he can afford to.”

For him, Dr Nduom is simply performing an art in the science of success.

Source: Class FM
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