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Government owes 2 terms feeding fees - Northern Region CHASS

Shaibu Adams Wilberforce, Headmaster of Tamale Senior High School, who doubles as Chairman for the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) in the Northern Region, has revealed that government has not provided feeding grants for two terms to schools in the Northern Region.

According to the Chairman of CHASS in Northern Region, there has not been any grant to feed boarding students since the inception of the free SHS policy.

He said that the suppliers are reluctant to provide them with food items due to the debts owed them.

Mr. Wilberforce said last term his school received 15 gallons of palm oil and 10 bags of maize from buffer stock, which is woefully inadequate to feed both boarders and day students.

Government, under the free SHS policy, paid 20 percent of the total cost to schools.

The Chairman praised government for implementing the policy and making the part-payment and urged it to immediately release the rest of the money to enable schools implement the free SHS policy effectively.

He added that the 20 percent is woefully inadequate for the administration of the schools, especially the provision of food to the students.

Chairman of CHASS appealed to government to provide the boarding grants to schools in the Northern Region which has not been paid since independence.

He said the unpaid grant has made it difficult for schools in the Northern Region to be administered smoothly.

With Senior High Schools expected to resume school next week, he is calling on government to release the grants for both day and boarding students.

“We don't want to let government down. We don't also expect him to let us down.'

He hinted that CHASS would hold a meeting to decide the next line of action to be taken in the event of further delays by government.

Some parents also expressed worry about the situation.
Source: dailyguideafrica.com
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