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Group demands Lawra primary re-run

Some supporters of Lawra MP, Samson Abu, are calling for a re-run of last Saturday’s parliamentary primary in which the incumbent lost to his main challenger Bede Ziedeng.

The group, known as ‘Friends of Samson Abu,’ has given the party a week’s ultimatum to accede to its demand or they will campaign against Mr Ziedeng in the 2016 parliamentary elections.

The group alleges that the former Deputy General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress won the poll thanks to his position as Deputy Director of Elections of the Party.

That position, the group’s leaders argue, offered Mr Ziedeng the freehand to fiddle with the register of voters for the Lawra constituency, thus, disenfranchising many eligible voters in the process.

Mr Ziedeng beat Mr Abu by a slender 16 votes to win the ticket to represent his Party in next year’s legislative election, but his opponent’s supporters are having none of that.

“We believe Bede Ziedeng manipulated the voters’ register for the Lawra constituency by virtue of his position as deputy director of elections. And we suspect there was a serious connivance at the NDC headquarters to disenfranchise members in the strongholds of Hon. Sampson Abu,” an aggrieved supporter told the media.

But, in a swift rebuttal, Mr Ziedeng has rubbished the allegation, saying his influence as Deputy Director of Elections does not extend to the constituency, as his office deals with policy and drawing up of guidelines for the conduct of party elections in the regions and constituencies.

“The primary was held in the constituency; it was not contested at the national level. I’m the Deputy Director of Elections at the national level, and at the constituency level there is a Director of Elections. And they conducted the elections with the support of constituency executives,” he told Citi FM.

Mr Ziedeng denied playing any role to compromise the integrity of the election. “…I did not interfere with anything at the constitutional level.”
Source: Class FM
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