Politics Sat, 17 Dec 2016

Humility, respect to electorate earned me victory — Saddique

The Member of Parliament (MP)-elect for the Madina Constituency, Alhaji Boniface Abubakar Saddique, has attributed the secret of his victory in the 2016 parliamentary election to humility and the respect he showed the people of Madina during his campaign.

He also said he believed his message went down well because the electorate understood what he was coming out with, “consolidating the peace in the country, youth empowerment, women development, education and infrastructure development.”

“I took the advantage of my humility and gave respect to the people because I am coming to serve the people and not to lord it over them ,” he told the Daily Graphic last Saturday in reaction to his victory in the election.

“I believed the electorate saw in me a man of humility who they can trust hence the unprecedented endorsement to serve them in the next four years and I will not disappoint them.Politics is not about personal attacks but how to convince the electorate with your mission and beg them to come and support you in achieving it, “Alhaji Saddique intimated.

Madina Constituency


For the past 12 years, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had always lost the Madina Constituency in both presidential and parliamentary elections to the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

However, the NPP’s Alhaji Boniface Abubakar Saddique last Wednesday won the seat for his party, even though most political pundits described the constituency as a stronghold of the NDC.

The outgoing MP, Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, had always been winning the seat on the ticket of the party with the slogan ”Sorogho for Madina and Madina for Sorogho.”

Wind of Change

On Wednesday, December 7, the wind of change blew in the constituency when an astute politician, Alhaji Saddique, took the seat.


Out of the 74,773 registered voters, Alhaji Saddique garnered 41,112 of the total ballot cast, representing 54.75 per cent, while the incumbent, Alhaji Sorogho, got 32,182, representing 42.86 per cent .The rest got 1,479, representing 2.85 per cent of the total ballot cast.

In a similar vein, the NPP’s Nana Akufo-Addo won the presidential race in the constituency by obtaining 37,600 of the total ballots, representing 49.90 per cent, whilst the Presidential Candidate of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama got 36,688, representing 48.69 per cent

Rejected ballots at the constituency for the presidential election was 423, while in the parliamentary race, 314 ballots were rejected.

Stand tall

Alhaji Saddique described the President-elect, Nana Akufo-Addo,” as a man who stands tall and will exhibit leadership to surprise a lot of people. I have no doubt his leadership will salvage the Ghanaian economy from 2017.”


He, therefore, urged Ghanaians to be sure of enjoying selfless and good governance from January 7, 2017.

Mission Madina

Moving forward, the MP-elect outlined his mission to the constituents and said it would be based on peace, youth empowerment, women development, education and infrastructure development.

“As I speak, Madina has no hospital, it has no vocational school, it has no library, infrastructure wise, Madina is very poor; all these were issues that were very dear to the residents and I believe with my leadership qualities, I will address those challenges for Madina to move forward,” he said.

Source: GraphicOnline