I am still the leader of PNC – David Apasera

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Thu, 9 Sep 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• Mr David Apasera has downplayed reports of his supposed demotion as Leader of PNC

• He insists that he and the party Chairman, Moses Dani Baah still remain at post

• He again insisted that the September 28 suspension imposed on the party’s General Secretary, Janet Nabila holds

The 2020 Presidential Candidate of the People’s National Convention, David Asibi Ayindenaba Apasera, has described the recent demotion “imposed” on himself and the party Chairman, Moses Dani Baah, as illegal.

The PNC has been in the news recently following the announced suspension of the party’s General Secretary, Janet Nabila on August 28, 2021. In a supposed communique by the party’s National Executive Committee released on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, the party said it demoted Mr Apasera and Moses Dani Baah from their respective positions following a petition filed against the two and has reinstated Madam Nabila.

Reacting to this in an exclusive interview with GhanaWeb, Mr Apasera insisted that himself and Moses Dani Baah remain the leader and Chairman of the party respectively.

“I am the Leader of the PNC and the National Chairman is Honourable Moses Dani Baah. We are not suspended. What they did, I am telling you it is an illegality. It is not a NEC Meeting, they cannot call themselves NEC in doing what they have done,” the 2020 Presidential Candidate stated.

According to him, the said NEC meeting that decided on his supposed suspension was illegal and should be treated with the level of contempt it deserves.

He again maintained that the party’s National Executive Committee Meeting that decided the suspension of Miss Nabila was backed by the party’s constitution hence her suspension rather holds.

On the allegations leveled against him and Chairman of the party by Miss Nabila including embezzlement of some party funds, Mr Apasera said Miss Nabila should be ready to prove her allegations before a law court as they intend on pursuing a libel case against her.

“We are going to court for her to come and answer them. Because the criminal libel law was repealed anybody can just get up and insult you, tell lies about you and is not bound by law unless you go to court. We will not take it kindly. We have a very clean history of political career. We will not allow anybody at all to come and then damage us like that and go. She will go before the court and that is where she would decide to tell every Ghanaian and the whole world who we are, and substantiate it,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the PNC Chairman, Mr Dani Baah in a press statement has stated that the suspension of Miss Nabila still holds and that he and Mr Apasera remain in their respective leadership roles.

Listen to Mr David Apasera speak to GhanaWeb in the video below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com