I am willing to serve in Akufo-Addo’s government - Abu Ramadan

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Fri, 27 Jan 2017 Source: GhanaWeb

Outspoken member of NPP, Abu Ramadan has expressed his willingness to serve in whatever capacity the president deems him fit to ensure he succeeds.

Abu Ramadan stated that his focus is to play a role that President Akufo-Addo considers befitting him.

President Akufo-Addo within three weeks of his presidency has nominated thirty-six persons into key ministries which according to him will enable him deliver on his mandate and ten regional ministers-designate.

Abu Ramadan believes the President has the best men to do the work he requires of them and expects nothing but excellent output from them.

Parliament’s Appointment Committee has begun vetting the 36 ministerial nominees by the President with 13 people having appeared before them.

He was convinced that an appointment to a state agency or some other portfolio will bring his expertise to bear as he'll contribute effectively to ensuring progress in the country.

He maintained that his abilities are not limited to one area and that he can perform in diverse roles.

He was quick to add that even though he is willing to serve in any capacity, he will be most suited in areas other than a deputy minister.

He noted that this decision is because he knows his capabilities and knows where best he could serve and be most efficient.

“In the past I have criticized a lot, even when you turn and you don’t turn well I will criticize you, I will be too careful in the conduct of my duties. If I am made minister or deputy minister I will be too careful and cautious in handling issues and that might affect the output of the government."

"That’s been the more reason why I felt there’s no need to argue to be a deputy minister, you are better of heading a government agency or been a part of an agency. In all of this I have indicated my willingness to serve in any capacity that the president deems fit. I am a utility player.”

Abu Ramadan supported the President in his bid for presidency in 2012 but lost in an election that he challenged in the Supreme Court in 2013.

Abu Ramadan was instrumental in ensuring the Electoral Commission’s activities were streamlined and done as required by law with a series of issues he fought in court ahead of the 2016 general election.

He defected to the NPP in 2016 from the PNC and was key to their electoral victory.

Source: GhanaWeb
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