Politics Tue, 18 Aug 2015

I cursed my opponent to vindicate myself – Sampson Ahi

Deputy Water Resources, Works and Housing Minister, Sampson Ahi has stressed that he called the dreadful deity ‘Antoa Nyamaa’ on his opponent to vindicate himself.

According to him, his opponent and executives in the Bodi constituency have tarnished his hard earned reputation for so long and the best option was to invoke curses to prove his innocence.

Sampson Ahi’s political opponent, Owusu Ansah accused him of raining curses on him and the party executives in public for falsely accusing him of attempting to kill the political opponent and his followers.

His political opponent, Owusu Ansah alleged that the Bodi MP tried to use ‘juju’ to kill him when he noticed that he wants to contest him in the upcoming NDC primaries slated for 7th November.

But Sampson Ahi, who confirmed the incident on Adom FM on Tuesday, said the curses he rained on his opponent and the executives were meant for him as well; since his name has been dragged in the mud.

“Yes I cursed my opponent and I did that to vindicate myself. I want Ghanaians to know that I’m not involved in all those allegations they have levelled against me because I didn’t know how to defend myself in the public than to curse them.

“Owusu Ansah is a civil servant and I don’t understand why he should involve himself in politics. But if you want to do politics, why then do you tarnish my name. I must say that I cursed him because those accusations by him are false and I stand on my words,” he asserted.

The aspiring MP, Owusu Ansah on the same show insisted the incumbent MP wanted him dead but this nonetheless, he vowed to contest the seat in the upcoming primaries.

Source: adomonline