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I have a divine call to lead NDC to victory 2020’ - Kuwadah

A flag bearer aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr David Dotsey Kwami Kuwadah, has said his decision to seek the frontal role of the party stems from a divine call by God to change the old order of things in the party and ultimately the nation.

According to him, cursory look at the country showed a wanton looting of national resources, saying it was unfortunate that the same practice had been allowed to permeate the NDC as a party.

He posits, therefore, that “David Dotsey Kwami Kuwadah, being president of Ghana on the ticket of the NDC come 2020 will place God and Ghana first in everything that we do as a government. The wisdom of God will be used in steering the country.”

Addressing a press conference in Accra to formally announce his bid to members of the NDC and Ghanaians in general, he said: “I am going to lead and operate a civil democratic revolution that will clear all the mess and wipe out corruption which I will describe as the worse enemy of development in any nation.”

Monetisation and material inducement

Re-echoing the founder of the party and former President Jerry John Rawlings, he said, monetisation and material inducement had found its way into the NDC which was evident in the party’s recent regional executives conference.

“This is not the NDC we started 25 years ago. The party is losing its core values. Probity and Accountability has been replaced by monetisation and material inducement that we are presently witnessing,” he stated.

He promised that such a practice will not happen under his leadership of NDC and Ghana, stressing that “in fact, corruption will be a thing of the past.”

According to him, he was seeking to lead the NDC because he strongly believed in equality as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution and added that it was unfortunate that in practice, the opposite of that was the reality under the current political dispensation.

Sounding very optimistic, he stressed that, “I shall ensure equality and equity in the country from January 2021. The present system of oppression of the masses and the hardship will be gone forever. No longer brutality of any form.”

It was his contention that God had blessed Ghana with abundant resources but the problem with the country was leadership.

“The system does not encourage the citizens to venture into production here locally. My government will make sure that Ghanaians take full control of the economy and the resources of the land,” he pledged.


Throwing more light on his vision, he said economically, a government under his leadership, with the NDC taking over power in December 2020, would give priority to industrialisation but certainly not the empty promises as others did like the 1D1F by the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

Under his administration, he said, technical parks would be established in every district and the youth would be encouraged and motivated to venture into self-reliant enterprises.

“My government shall also run an effective agriculture system, not just to produce for consumption but put an end to most of the things that we import.

My government will also expand the production of all that we grow locally so that we can also have an excess and glut to also extend into their exportation,” he stressed.

He added that his government would establish effective and easily accessible complaints units across the country that would be monitored by the presidency so that the seat of government would be very close to the citizens.

That, he said, would help to ensure that citizens obtained immediate and effective solutions to their complaints.

“I take this opportunity to assure the NDC and the good people of Ghana that we cannot afford to burden our future generation with loans in the face of the abundance of God-given natural resources,” he posited.

Source: Graphic.com.gh
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