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I’m not saddened by PPP’s defeat – Nduom

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The 2016 Flagbearer of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwasi Nduom, has said he has no regrets over the party’s loss in the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections. He is however confident of the party’s chances in future elections.

The PPP came third in the presidential elections with just 1% of the total valid votes cast, having contested the election for the second time since it was established.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Dr. Nduom said he is only saddened by the loss of some of his very hard working parliamentary candidates.

“There were so many people who worked very hard to spread the PPP message of change all over the country and my greatest sorrow and sadness has to do with those parliamentary candidates who could not win their seats even though they worked very hard….For the election I have really no regrets because I believe that we as a party did what we needed to do.”

“We got our message across, people worked hard, some volunteered money, time and effort and so there is nothing there as sadness in terms of our efforts, it is just the results that did not go they way we wanted.

There are so many people who made me feel very confident about the future of this party,”he said.


Dr. Nduom, a few days after the party’s loss, expressed optimism that Ghanaians will reward the party with victory in the country’s subsequent general elections.

He said although the party did not win the elections, it had demonstrated to Ghanaians that it was a peace-loving, disciplined and respectful party with great ideas and solutions for the country’s challenges. Dr. Nduom noted that, the PPP will remain united and grow stronger ahead of the next general elections in 2020.

In a Facebook post, he said ” We will continue to be advocates for our unique non-negotiable policies because without them, the standard of living of our people, our quality of life and development will not improve significantly.”

Dr. Nduom who has made three attempts at the presidency, had said the 2016 elections would be his last attempt.

Source: citifmonline.com
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