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Kumawu by-election: How Otokunor 'escaped' threat of assault from 3 NPP women – Report

Peter Boama Otokunor, former Deputy General Secretary NDC

Wed, 24 May 2023 Source:

Tensions went up during the Kumawu by-election as Peter Boama Otokunor, the former Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), narrowly escaped a physical altercation with three women from the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Akua Konadu Yiadom, a reporter for Wontumi TV, explained that Otokunor suggested at the polling center that NDC agents should position themselves closely behind the Electoral Commission officials to prevent any potential electoral fraud.

She further added that Otokunor's statement provoked the ire of the NPP women present.

According to Yiadom, one of the women named Salomey, who formerly served as the NPP Deputy Women's Organizer for Bantama, displayed immense courage and came close to physically engaging Otokunor and even threatening him.

This drew the attention of another woman, identified as Vivian Ofosua, a national representative for the NPP, who nearly engaged Otokunor in a confrontation as well as an additional party woman.

As tensions escalated, individuals at the scene intervened to prevent the situation from getting out of control and ensured peace was restored.

“Three women in the NPP have really done well today, they nearly beat Otokunor today, three women, they nearly beat him, the women, one is called Salomey who is the former NPP deputy women’s organizer for Bantama, she is very brave, herself and Otokunor it wasn’t easy, she nearly put her hands into his eyes.

“And another one Vivian Ofosua, a national rep for NPP, and another person, they nearly beat Otokunor, so people had to intervene to calm them down before there was peace….so, we asked him why was he causing confusion and he explained that per the election rules, the NDC agents are supposed to sit close behind the EC officials because they could steal the election, so, it is because of stealing that is why he did that by allowing his party agents to sit close behind the EC.


“…so, most of the electorates got angry and accused him of bringing chaos at the poling center…so he had to go back to his car and later on Madam Salomey followed up warning him that if he ever comes there again, she will deal with him…which made him laugh and he moved his car away,” she narrated.

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