Let's settle the election the Builsa way – Mahama

Mon, 5 Dec 2016 Source: myradio360.com

The President and presidential candidate for the NDC, John Dramani Mahama at a rally in Sandema in the Upper East Region has called on his supporters and the general public to settle Wednesday polls the Builsa way in his favour. This he said during his campaign tour of the Region.

“This year we want to settle the election the Builsa way; the Builsa way means that if you are defeating your opponent, you must defeat him in a way that he cannot argue, he himself knows you have defeated him, so this year we are going to defeat the opponent in a very convincing manner so that they will understand that yes we have defeated them, and that they should salute us.” President Mahama said.

He asked them to look for the umbrella symbol on the ballot paper for both the presidential and parliamentary ballots, press their thumbs on the ink pad that would be provided on Election Day, and thumb print in the box beside the umbrella, making sure it did not cross over into another box to render it invalid. President Mahama also adviced they clean their thumbs on a piece of cloth that may be provided so it would not make another print, fold the ballot paper and drop it in the box and move away peacefully.

He urged the electorates to come out on December 7 and make a resounding statement that “JM must toaso”, meaning John Mahama must continue, so that the NDC can continue the work it had started.

He also introduced Mr. James Agalga, the Deputy Minister of Interior as the parliamentary candidate for the area and asked the electorate to vote for him.

Naab Azaksuik Azantilow II, the Paramount Chief of the Builsa Traditional Area urged all politicians to conduct their campaigns peacefully.

“I would like to urge all politicians to campaign and sing with one voice so that on December 7, Ghana becomes a great winner”, he said.

Source: myradio360.com
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