MAKSTECH Headmaster pleads for support as over 1200 students depend on dilapidated KVIP

Sat, 26 Jan 2019 Source: Fred Duhoe

Students of Mafi-Kumase Senior High Technical School may soon resort to open defecation as the only KVIP in the school has reached its snapping point.

The headmaster of the school has revealed in an interview with Fred Duhoe that, the only toilet facility may soon collapse due to the students’ pressure hence his appeal for support to construct a new one for the growing student population.

"We call on benevolent bodies and well-resourced indigenous people to come to our aid to provide a modern bio digester toilet for our students to attend nature's call in comfort". This is the plea of the headmaster and Old Students Association of Mafi-Kumase Senior High School (MAKOSU) to any concerned kind hearted bodies and individuals.

The headmaster Mr Courage Mideku decry the looming danger at hand taking into consideration the current condition of the over 3o years old toilet saying "it pose serious threat to the students coupled with the intense pressure the 1200 students mounts on it daily" hence any quick intervention will be gladly welcomed.

The president of the Mafi-Kumase Senior High Technical School Old Students Union (MAKOSU) Mr Wisdom Van Agbemafo said members of the association are tackling other problems facing the school in diverse ways with their widows might. "We are confronted with an emergency now and our budding association doesn't have enough financial muscle to shoulder the toilet project so we call on sons and daughters in the diaspora to support the school with a modern toilet facility".

Mr Agbemafo added, "We reinvigorated this association in 2007 and have since build electronic library for the school and currently hold annual MAKOSU exams for the students and best three students from each department awarded by the old students in the past two years while plans are underway for the third edition".

The toilet he said is capital intensive and everyone from the catchment area should extend a helping hand to assist build the school to a grade 'A' status where facilities available afford students the conducive atmosphere to study.

According to the headmaster, the toilet facility in the newly built girls dormitory has been choked with sanitary pads and other unwanted materials thereby compelling the school authority to shut it down.

Any student who is inconvenienced at night will have to walk some few minutes to the KVIP but must be careful not to fall in.

Source: Fred Duhoe
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