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Mahama did far better than incompetent NPP government is doing - Betty Mould-Iddrisu

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Vice Chairperson of the NDC has descended heavily on media outlets for publishing what she describes as inaccurate reports from an interview she granted GhanaWeb that went viral over the weekend.

Betty Mould-Iddrisu is reported to have suggested despite the errors the previous administration made in government, their performance is incomparable to that of the ruling NPP government.

She's alleged to have also stated that her party has learnt well and as such constituted the Professor Botchwey Committee to investigate reasons for their defeat and propose a way forward.

But in a sharp rebuttal to these reports, the former Attorney-General asserts such reports are twisted and spun to make the current government look good.

She was confident that based on the performance of the government so far, Ghanaians are appalled and disappointed and wish the NDC came back into power.

Below is a press release written on her behalf by her aide.

Monday, July 30, 2018

For Immediate Press Release


We have once again noted with grave concern and displeasure the deliberate twisting of facts as contained in an interview Madam Betty Mould granted to Ghanaweb on the show “21 minutes with KKB” in headlines that have no correlation to the matters that were discussed in the interview. It is a fact that the contents of the reports do not even support the headlines but as a lot of people do not give content as much premium as they do to the headlines, it is most unfortunate that any media house or news portal will carry such headlines in pursuit of such calculated and wicked agenda.

During the interview, Madam Betty Mould expressed her faith in the ability of youth in leadership and indicated that the youth had a lot to offer even though our tradition that teaches us to venerate our elders may stand in our way. This triggered a follow-up question by the host if that meant John Mahama would likely have done a good job than Akufo-Addo currently. Madam Betty responded: “That goes without saying”.

In a follow-up question on if the NDC government did a far better job than Akuffo Addo’s NPP, she asked why the host would think she would say otherwise and further went to state her role in the politics of that time as a vice chairperson of the NDC and defended the track record of the NDC government with John Mahama as Vice President and President and insisted on her belief that the NDC party was better for the people of Ghana.

At no point in the interview did Madam Betty give any impression whatsoever that President Mahama made mistakes. We find it difficult to comprehend that any media house or news portal would create this erroneous impression with a headline. If the headlines are premised on her thoughts about the Prof Kwesi Botchwey committee report which said among other things that the NDC could have done things better than it did, then the headline should have captured same and quoted her in the proper context of her statement.

At a time when citizens are up in arms against this current government over their monumental incompetence and clamouring for the comeback of the NDC, no amount of twisting, spinning and fabrications can make this government look good in the eyes of the good people of Ghana. It is therefore disingenuous to want to ride on the back of Madam Betty to give this failed government some respite. Let it be said for emphasis that Madam Betty believes and knows that the John Mahama led NDC government did FAR BETTER and would have been doing a lot better than the NPP is currently doing and is proud to defend and be a part of the unprecedented achievements and giant strides made by the NDC.

The general public, especially NDC members, should treat any such negative headlines with the contempt it deserves and for the avoidance of doubt, visit youtube or Ghanaweb to watch the full interview.


Sawadogo Mahmoud

Aide to Mrs. Betty Mould Iddrisu

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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