Mahama placed in uncomfortable situation by Prof Ahwoi’s book - Prof Gyampo

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Thu, 13 Aug 2020 Source: Peace FM

A Political Scientist, Professor Ransford Gyampo believes Prof Kwamena Ahwoi's “Working With Rawlings” book, has positioned the Presidential Candidate of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Dramani Mahama in a very uncomfortable situation.

According to him, former President Mahama is caught between the devil and the blue sea as any action or inaction on his part will lead to the reading of meanings by the general public.

Speaking on Okay FM’s Ade Akye Abia Morning Show, the Director of the Centre for European Studies of the University of Ghana posited that Mr Mahama needs the support everyone in the party in this crucial election, and his silence about the events captured in the book, which mostly paints the NDC Founder in a bad light, could be interpreted as pitching camp with the Ahwois.

“I am sure that John Mahama is placed in an uncomfortable situation because maybe he has the support of the Ahwois’ and he is also courting support from the Rawlings and so what is he going to do? Is he now coming out to say that what Ahwoi said about Rawlings he distances himself from it?”

“If he says that he will lose support from the Ahwois and if he does not distance himself from it and keeps quiet, then it means that he agrees to it and that will mean that he is against Rawlings and you need the numbers in the crucial election such as this”.

“…if John Mahama and the party are not able to distance themselves from what is said about Rawlings in the book, then it means that they are in support of the statement about Rawlings and if that is that is the case, then you are going against Jerry Rawlings but the role of Jerry Rawlings, what make it dangerous is that whatever Rawlings does can hurt or promote either parties,” Professor Gyampo.

He therefore held that if for othing at all, the NDC should at least try and keep Mr Rawlings on a leash then irking him.

“…even if you cannot do anything at all for him, the least you can do is to keep him quiet. Don’t make him talk to support the NPP and don’t make him speak against the NDC and that is what a master politician in the NDC must seek to do but if you bring a book at this crucial moment and he begins to talk against his own party, then it means you are not serious about the power you struggling for”, he cautioned.

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Source: Peace FM
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