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NDC Chairman chased with guns

Some blood-thirsty goons of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Suame Constituency have done the unthinkable.

The thugs openly fired several gunshots in public in an attempt to snatch a car belonging to the party from their constituency chairman on Monday.

Saeed Umar, the Suame Constituency NDC Chairman, was not ready to surrender the vehicle and had to struggle with the blood-thirsty party members.

The NDC hoodlums subjected Mr. Umar to severe beatings to force him to release the vehicle to them.

Despite the beatings, Mr. Umar was unperturbed, as he gave the ignition keys to his driver to move the vehicle away.

The NDC goons, who were riding motorbikes, gave the NDC Chairman and driver a hot chase at Suame, amidst the firing of gunshots.

The bullets that were fired deflated the back tyre of the vehicle but the driver managed to get to the police station.

The incident happened when NDC presidential aspirant, Sylvester Mensah, had stormed Suame to campaign.

The shootings and beatings reportedly disrupted the meeting of Mr. Mensah.

Justifying their weird action, the NDC goons said Mr. Umar’s election had recently been nullified by a court.

They, therefore, argued that Mr. Umar was not entitled to the party vehicle, hence their decision to attack him.

Mr. Umar, reportedly, said they launched the attack when he was eating near the venue where Sylvester Mensah was meeting the delegates on Monday.

According to Umar, the hoodlums demanded the party car but he refused and they manhandled him.

He said he rather gave the car keys to his driver, who drove it to the police station, amidst the firing of gunshots by the hoodlums.

According to him, the party’s car is currently at the police station, as the security agents have commenced investigations into the case.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com
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