NDC MP shares coffins for votes

Mon, 31 Oct 2016 Source: Kasapa FM

Member of Parliament for the Salaga South Constituency and ranking member of Public Accounts committee Hon. Abubakari Ibrahim Dey is accused of trying to gain an illicit advantage ahead of polls by sharing coffins and buying up voter cards.

The New Patriotic Party in the constituency which is leading the charge told Kasapafmonline.com that Hon. Dey has shared at least ten(10) “scented” caskets to some selected moslem communities.

Some beneficiaries confirmed receiving the wooden boxes but refused to be recorded. They described the move as “unprecedented” and said they were advising their leaders to either return or burn the donation.

The party slammed the MP after further accusing him of initiating desperate moves to cling onto power after failing to honour previous campaign promises.

A member of the campaign team and aide to the party’s parliamentary nominee, Mr. Abubakari Dramani said the NPP will organized a Quran recitation to the counter the move because they believe it has spiritual implications.

“Spiritually we are also seeing how we are going to counter that but we believe that If you want to help a mosque there are so many deteriorated mosques in town which needs speakers, some cannot pay their bills and you come and supply this kind of items to the mosques; it doesn’t actually speak well”

“We don’t understand such a move because while the people are hungry, you have done virtually nothing in that constituency and just barely a month of election and you come and be supplying coffins for the mosques”, Mr. Abu lamented.

The NDC constituency secretary Thomas Langa rubbished the claims saying the MP provided the item upon the request of the beneficiaries.

Thomas explained ” it is true that one of the suburb of Salaga during a campaign trail, the MP has no knowledge of this one…and the people pleaded that as Muslims they need to have a coffin at the mosque because they would have to normally travel to distance to go and borrow it from another source and so those of us moving as a campaign trail decided to contribute and yo build a small one for them; they requested for it.”

Source: Kasapa FM
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