NDC To Dismiss All Independent Candidates Today?

Wed, 7 Nov 2012 Source: The Informer

The Informer has picked up information that the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party will be holding a Press Conference today, to let the axe fall on those errant members who have defied the Party’s constitution to file as Independent Parliamentary Candidates.

The Informer’s Party source has it that, after a failed period of trying to jaw-jaw with the wayward Candidates, to rescind their decision to go independent, and fall back in line under the umbrella, the Party’s hierarchy has taken the bold step to enforce the Party’s constitution.

“We have taken the decision after exhausting all our negotiation avenues” the source told The Informer.

Some of the NDC members who will be axed off the umbrella for being obstinate and going against the Constitution of the party, are, Michael Teye Nyaunu, Lower Manya Constituency, Lawyer Dzikunu, Ave Avenor Constituency, and Albert Zigah, Ketu South Constituency.

Interestingly, in 2008, the Ave Avenor Constituency dismissed another NDC member for going independent.

In the case of Lawyer Dzikunu, he will be completely destroying his political career, because, as a young politician with a lot of potentials, he is over-rating himself and allowing his ego to run ahead of him.

“He is a young man who seems to have some support base, but a little bit of patience would have made him the darling boy of the constituency. As things stand now, he may end up destroying his budding political career”; the Party source added.

As for Michael Teye Nyaunu, it is trite knowledge that he is a political spent-force who can be done away with “It is not our wish to sack any member from the party, but we have to respect the party’s constitution in order to instil discipline; we have laws and we must respect the laws, because, that is the only way the party can grow”; the source added.

Source: The Informer