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NDC Polls: 'Chairman Tsunami' wins big

Nana Kojo Toku, newly elected Western Regional Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has secured another title 'Chairman Tsunami' following an overwhelming victory chalked last Saturday during the NDC Regional Executive Elections organized at Sefwi-Wiaso.

Describing the landslide victory secured by his team members who all won their positions as tsunami hitting his opponents, he promised to work in collaboration with his team to build a united front ahead of the 2020 elections.

He said following the unprecedented victory chalked, he would work assiduously with all elected executive of NDC to bring together all members of the party to work towards restoring the past glory in Western Region.

Speaking to journalists after his landslide victory last Saturday, the contractor turned politician appealed to the rank and file of NDC to bury their differences and rally behind his administration to wrestle all parliamentary seats lost in the last elections.

His opponent, Mr. Michael Aidoo, known popularly as Big Aidoo, unfortunately absconded from the congress grounds even before Electoral Commission (EC) declared final results of the polls.

Upon sensing defeat, the beleaguered candidate and his supporters silently vanished from the congress grounds before Mr. Stephen Opoku Mensah, the Director in charge of Regional Elections announced winners of the polls.

Before counting began, supporters of the two sharply divided camps thus Michael Aidoo and Nana Toku who were locking horns for the second time in an electioneering contest, had demonstrated courage that they were all winning.

Although all indications at the congress grounds had shown that Nana Kojo Toku was winning alongside his team members, the opponents would however not agree.

The support of delegates commanded by the two camps manifested during the entrance of the two combatants thus Nana Toku and Michael Aidoo who were all going into the congress with all the optimism under their armpits.

Differences between the two candidates

Whereas incumbent Regional Chairman Michael Aidoo came into the congress with very little noise backing him, the triumphant entrance of the former Regional Chairman, Nana Toku to the congress grounds was empirically revealing of his chances.

Supporters of the party who were extremely happy, made the loudest noise to welcome him into the congress grounds.

This was accompanied by sensational campaign songs, providing avenue for fanatics to dance to the jamboree.

The differences in support commanded by the two, at the event grounds, many concluded therefore demonstrated how desperate the followers wanted change in leadership within the party in the Western Region.

Whilst many shouted the change in leadership slogan, others used their hands to demonstrate the signs that they wanted change in leadership.

Mr. Michael Aidoo wanted to beat Nana Toku for the second time, but the supporters thought otherwise that his record as Regional Chairman of the party was terrible and that of Nana Toku terrific.

They argued that whereas Nana Toku commanded respect as one of the grassroot leaders of the party, and therefore wanted a comeback, Michael Aidoo was only counting on his business acumen to bolster the financial resource fortunes of the party.

As a former President of the Contractors Association, the incumbent Regional Chairman also counted on his national exposure to retain his chairmanship.

But Nana Toku had another idea, to use his highest performance record in office to match the abysmal performance of his contender, whose tenure caused the NDC its greatest defeat in Western Region.

Before the polls, both candidates were cocksure of victory except that they carried different messages to the delegates, diametrically opposing each other occasionally.

Again, Nana Toku used experience hands to prosecute his campaign whilst his opponent unfortunately relied on inexperienced hands to advance the course of his campaign.

Mr. Michael Aidoo, had just one incumbent Regional Executive in his team, Famous Tumi Aquah, Former Regional Communication Officer of the party, but Nana Toku, on the other hand, had three incumbent executive to his side.

Japhet Baidoo, the incumbent Regional Organizer, Joseph Nelson, the incumbent Regional Secretary, and Richard Kirk Mensah, former Deputy Regional Communication Officer who contested for the substantive position as Regional Communication Officer and won.

After counting of results, Nana Toku secured enough votes to beat Michael Aidoo more than one hundred votes, breaking Michael Aidoo's record. He won the last elections by the skin of his teeth with just seven vote’s difference to defeat his opponent Nana Toku.

Similarities Identified Politically

Similarities between the two candidates identified politically included their line of work. They all worked as contractors and succeeded in securing various contracts during the administration of President John Dramani Mahama and Professor John Evans Atta Mills.

When Nana Toku lost the previous elections which was organized at Bogoso, his home territory, it was carried out as if he had failed woefully on home soil.

Same thing occurred last Saturday when Big Aidoo lost the elections with the wider margin on home soil.
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