Politics Wed, 10 Dec 2014

NDC congress faces third postponement?

A disgruntled member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has secured a court injunction on the party’s upcoming December 20 congress to elect national executives.

The Member of Parliament for Afram Plains North, Mr Emmanuel Aboagye Didieye, claims he was unfairly disqualified from contesting the national organiser position of the ruling party.

The NDC aspirant is accusing the vetting committee of acting unconstitutionally in his disqualification.

"The vetting committee told me I have been disqualified.... It is untrue that I have voluntarily withdrawn.... I have to place an injunction on the congress so that we address the issues," Mr Didieye told Starr News.

Relatedly, the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Mr George Lawson, is pushing for sanctions against the party’s Member of Parliament for suing the party.

The Deputy General Secretary, who justified Mr Didieye disqualification, called on the party to sanction the MP.

“He should be sanctioned…. I think it is about time the party became firm on those things, and adhered to all those things to the letter,” he told Citi news.

According to him, deserves to be punished because he failed to use the party’s structures to address his grievances.

“…The fact is our party is a democratic dispensation, and again for you to take any action, there are procedures that you must adhere to and [if] he has not exhausted those procedures then I think he is digging his own grave. He should know that he is a Member of Parliament and he is supposed to know better,” he stated.

Members of the over 20-year-old party are expected to go to the polls on December 20, 2014, but there is a likelihood that the much-anticipated congress might be postponed considering the latest development.

The party has been dragged to court on several occasions due to a number of court injunctions some aggrieved members of the party placed on its constituency elections.

In September, a Human Rights Court placed an injunction on three constituencies in the wake of its constituency elections, barring the affected constituencies from holding their elections on the said date.

The NDC is scheduled to go to congress later this month in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi, to elect new national executives ahead of the 2016 general election.

Source: Graphic.com.gh