Politics Wed, 8 Apr 2015

NDC gears up for 2016 Elections - Kofi Adams

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is in the process of identifying all former organisers of the party, from the national to the constituency levels, to create a common platform to discuss strategies towards the 2016 elections.

This is also intended to move the NDC to the next higher level of operation as well as help it to retain political power in 2016.

The National Organiser of the NDC, Mr Kofi Adams, disclosed this to the Daily Graphic in an interview in Accra. He was informing the newspaper of what the NDC was doing to strengthen its hold on the day-to-day effective administration of the country.

Similarly, Mr Adams said all cadres of the party were also being encouraged to get actively involved in strengthening the party’s operations so as to win the 2016 elections without much strain.

In this regard, he also encouraged all present executives at other levels of the party structure to do same to enhance the electoral fortune of the party. “It is time to bring everybody on board to play their part in the rebuilding of the NDC party,” he stated.


According to Mr Adams, it was good to learn from one another on the way forward for the NDC as a mass political party.

National challenges

Mr Adams said the NDC was doing its best within the challenges to keep Ghana going and getting better.

In his view, the Better Ghana Agenda, as promised in the NDC 2012 manifesto, remains on course, saying: “What it needs to succeed is the participation of all.”

According to Mr Adams, “We all must start from somewhere. If we decide to stop one wrong, then we will help build a better Ghana Agenda for us today and the future yet unborn. If it is cleaning up the environment, we must all participate. We all must shun corrupt practices and refrain from offering bribe to the corrupt.”


On whether the NDC must be blamed for the difficulties the country was experiencing, Mr Adams argued: “I doubt any sincere person can say that the suffering we are going through today is an act committed solely by the NDC.”

“The energy challenges facing the country for instance, is not an act solely committed by the NDC,” the party’s National Organiser stated.

Describing any such criticism against the party as being totally unfair, he insisted: “It cannot be solely put on the doorstep of the NDC.” Mr Adams further explained that: “You do not criticise either without offering alternatives or advertising your minds to global issues and trends.” He told the Daily Graphic that to fix the energy problems permanently, the NDC was shifting more to thermal instead of hydro.

“As it stands now we have limited thermal sources, and I believe investments from General Electric, Asogli Power Plant, Ghana Gas project at Atuabo and other Independent Power Producers (IPP), as well as VRA’s own plants, are all geared towards solving these problems,” he assured.

In the short term, he said the introduction of barges would also help reduce the problem.


Political discourse

He said he was also worried about the kind of political discourse prevailing within the public sphere, and asked: “Can we do this in a much more responsible way?”

He said while freedom of expression was good, venting out of uninformed issues could harm the country.

He added that we must do away with allegations and falsehood, as well as unpardonable excesses.

He then called on the media to play a role in ensuring that the quality of discussions was improved.


On corruption, Mr Adams said he was very happy that today, “We all feel free to raise alarm bells on corruption and if something is not going well in society.

He said that any criticism on corruption was allowed and “we in NDC want to encourage people to talk about corruption; What we do not want is falsehood.”

He said President John Dramani Mahama had described corruption as ‘mass murder”, a pointer to the fact that the NDC government takes acts of corruption very seriously and frowns on them.

Source: Graphic.com.gh